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Bring the summer into your living room with green rugs

Bring the summer into your living room with green rugs

Green is a beautiful colour, ideal for lifting the interior of your home to carry you through summer well into winter. There are earthy, regal shades of green as well as lighter shades that bring a welcome breeze of change through your home. Just how can you use green rugs to their best effect?

Light green rugs

Lighter shades are perfect for any space but certainly for the smaller room or for when light is lacking. Make the most of light, natural and ambient, with light green rugs that introduce no more than the merest hint of colour.

Louis de Poortere Pear Green Rug

Top tip – don't worry about matching colours exactly. Even if you do achieve this result, which is almost impossible, you'll find it looks too contrived.

Switch it up with patterned green rugs

As a colour, green is great for complementing and contrasting other colours in your scheme. Green is considered an important colour in the ‘natural’ colour palette that appeals to the human eye. And that means it slots nicely into a colour scheme whether that is neutral creams, beige and grey or a room awash with stronger colours.

Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork Green Rug

If you love the soft, delicate pastel shading of the colour wheel, opting for patterned green rugs is one way forward. There are various options, as you would expect, including ‘strong' patterns such as patchwork large living room rugs. For less pattern definition, opt for an abstract green rug, ideal for sitting alongside the grey leather sofa in the living room or the dining room.

Louis de Poortere Cracks Dark Pine Green Rug

Centre of attention

A rug is a floor covering that works well in most rooms and spaces. Adding texture and warmth underfoot, it can be a sublime, gentle addition or the centre of attention. As well as an impressive shade of green, choose a ‘pattern’ that is clearly meant to stand out. A non-distinct pattern without borders allows the room scheme to flow and yet a bold printed rug will act as the cornerstone of the whole room.

Louis de Poortere Atlantic Ocean Green Waves Rug

Take the tripartite approach

Successfully decorated and furnished rooms have a logic to them, something which comes, in part, to how the furniture is arranged. Giving thought to how a green rug will ‘sit’ in a room is important.

Thinking in terms of grouping in threes works. For example, in the living room, as well as your sofa and reclaimed wood coffee table, a green rug acting as a platform and the third member of the group gives the room a solid feel.

In a reading corner of the master bedroom, for example, a beautiful traditional patterned green rug along with a small armchair and side table paints an instant picture – in other words, it is clear what the space is being used for.

Louis de Poortere Avlu Green Rug

A note on size

No matter what colour rug you are opting for, it needs to be the right size. Before you buy your green rugs for your summer interior design scheme, measure the room, and what is the largest rug it can accommodate leaving a gap around.

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