Calming colours for a bedroom according to Feng Shui

White bedroom with king size wooden bed frame

Feng Shui is as popular as ever – developed over 3,000 years ago as a way to bring peace, positive energy and harmony into the home environment. Here we look at some of the colours you can use in your bedroom according to Feng Shui to bring calm and balance. Reclaimed wood furniture fits into Feng Shui principles as it brings the wood and nature element into the home. Let’s find out more…

King size wooden bed frame with white covers against a grey wall with large circular clock


Brown walls make it sound as if you will end up in a slightly dull and uninspiring bedroom. However, according to Feng Shui, brown is associated with growth, vitality and endless vision – so find the right shade for your space, and it is actually a perfect colour for the bedroom. To make the most of this colour scheme you should have a good solid wooden headboard on your bed as this, according to Feng Shui, gives your head support and backing.

White bedroom with wooden double bed and white covers with a pendant ceiling lights each side


White is a great colour to use if you want to create a restful bedroom. Clean, fresh, crisp and clear, white will help you get a great night’s sleep. Using white means you are bringing positive energy into your bedroom and symbolises a bright future. Crisp white bedding, crisp white walls and natural solid wood bed work together to bring nature and harmony into your room for a restful night.

Grey reclaimed wood bed with matching wood blanket box and small bedside table with white covers and blue blanketPhoto featuring: Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Bed


Grey represents the metal element in Feng Shui and is used to bring calm into a room, making this hue perfect for a Feng Shui bedroom. It is often used in places where people meditate or reflect. Grey is a very popular colour in home decor at the moment, making it an easy colour to work with. Scandinavian furniture and its interior decor style lend itself perfectly to the principles of the Feng Shui bedroom, with the focus being on creating light, clutter-free and functional living spaces. Contrast the grey with white bedroom furniture such as a white wardrobe, white bedside table and white drawers or choose reclaimed wood furniture with a hint of grey finish, such as the Dulwich collection above.

Photo featuring: Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed


Even without using the principles of Feng Shui, blue is a top colour pick for the bedroom. It is widely believed that blue is seen as the most relaxing of the colour spectrum. Blue in Feng Shui is connected to water, gentle, graceful and soothing. You sleep to wake up refreshed and revitalised and blue in a bedroom cools and calms you to get the best night’s sleep. This means it is a great colour not only for an adults bedroom, but also a perfect colour if you are looking to create a relaxing space for younger members of the household. Getting the furnishing right for a relaxing night is a must in a child’s bedroom – places to put toys away on shelving to avoid distraction at sleep time – a kids toy box or wooden blanket box is perfect to stash bits and bobs away in.