Celebrate all things British and buy British this season

English Beam Dining Table

English Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Coinciding with Small Business Saturday, the Buy British Day which aims to encourage us to buy products designed and made in the UK will be held on 3rd October. It is a time to examine what Britain has to offer, a chance to enjoy the exciting talent of local, small and British businesses.

Within retail, there are many things that as a consumer, you can buy and when it comes to British designers and products, there is no shortage of options either. Within the furniture sector, it has become clear of late that the modern consumer that flimsier items are no longer an option. People want good quality products at great prices – and if they are supporting British producers and designers, then this is a bonus too.

Our ‘Made in Britain’ Collection

English Beam Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Dining Chairs

We work with designers and producers based across the globe, supporting fledgeling industries but we are exceptionally proud of our ‘Made in Britain’ collection. Add to this our penchant for using reclaimed wood, using the skills of artisan furniture makers, and you can see we are proud of our British made products.

Rustic Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

We source wood from bakeries, London pubs, bakeries, anywhere that have large pieces of timber ripe for reuse as pieces of fine furniture. Our Rough Sawn collection, for example, is a range of reclaimed wood items that look are refined, a chance to show the beauty of the wood. When it comes to rustic furniture, there is nothing better than this collection.

Wooden beams were made from slow growing trees, such as oak, as it is a dense wood with superior strength. Before stainless steel and concrete plinths, large wooden beams were hoisted into position and would have easily borne the weight of a building. Now, this wood – undented and largely undamaged – enjoys ‘retirement’ in our English Beam collection. Again, with the fine eye of a designer and the skills of an artisan furniture maker, these beams become exquisite pieces for your home. Imagine Christmas dinner around a reclaimed wood table with family and friends?

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Boardroom Table

The Industrial Revolution that swept the country in the 18th Century brought about monumental change. It also saw industrial and traditional materials brought together. This collaboration, at first an uneasy combination, is now a harmonious marriage. Reclaimed wood, concrete and steel feature throughout the Oldman Collection. A British designed and made collection, it shows the end product of when new meets old, modern meets traditional.

British Designers

Ant Fox Wall Canvas

We support many designers and one is the Brighton based artist Ant Fox. There is something endearing about his animal canvas prints. Something sweet without being sticky. His art catches and retains the eye, they are pieces that guest will admire and comment on. His art fuses the modern – printing on canvas – with the traditional, as he finishes them by hand. In other words, each piece is unique and personal.

The List Goes on…

Our mattresses are British made, as our elegant, crushed velvet Padstow sofa and armchairs. Even better, we think, is that many of our items can be made to your exact requirements. So, if you want a statement piece in a reclaimed wood coffee table, then go for it!

Padstow Armchair and Sofa Made in Derbyshire

Supporting homespun industries is essential for the economy and so this season, why not indulge yourself with reclaimed furniture that will last for generations to come?