Cosy up your living room for a romantic Valentine’s day

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A romantic living room is all about upping the cosy-stakes and Valentine’s day, today is the perfect day to give it a go! Making a room extra cosy helps it feel so much warmer too, so with the last month or so of winter (hopefully) upon us we can see out the last of the season in our super snug living space. If you are lucky enough to have reclaimed wood furniture in your space then you already have a great foundation to build on – natural rustic wood always look warm and homely without even having to try.

small cushioned hearts on top of a rustic dining table

Layering textiles

Soft tactile cushions and throws are so lovely and comforting to sink into, but mix in other warm textures, such as velvet, corduroy or wool and the cosiness is taken up to another level. Blankets are also wonderful to snuggle under when you’re cuddled up on the sofa…..there’s no such thing as too much cuddling on Valentine’s day! Even if you already have carpet, you can still add a rug to help make your floor feel even softer and extra warm, it’s also a great way to bring in some additional colour into your living space. Place under a rustic coffee table and make it a centrepiece.

Ditch bright lights

Bright lights are a definite no-no for Valentine’s day – it’s dim lighting only! Whether that comes from table lamps on a wooden side table or rustic console table to a floor-standing light in the corner of the room. Obviously, candles should feature in your room – stand some on a wooden sideboard and also on the coffee table, you can even scatter them on the floor if you’re careful! Candles provide warm, romantic and flattering light and help to set the right atmosphere in the room. A win, win for the day of love.

white sofa in living room with candles on the floor

Romantic aroma

We think about lighting when we want to set an atmosphere in a room, but scent is just as important. Fresh flowers on the mantlepiece or a wooden sideboard are the natural choice for this but you should also consider scented candles and diffusers to help set the mood. For a romantic scent, choose vanilla, rose & jasmine all of which are said to have aphrodisiac properties.

scented candles and diffuser on a wooden coffee table

Cosy colours

Bring in colours that will make your living room feel romantic. Natural hues with warming colours such as reds, oranges and golds will really warm up your room and give it a touch of romance. You don’t have to do a whole room makeover – that would be a romantic gesture too far, but by bringing in some warm coloured accessories you can set the mood. If you have dark furniture or warm honey-coloured mango wood furniture like the Farnham collection, a very romantic range featuring glittering brass accents within the furniture, the candlelight will reflect and bounce beautifully around your living room.

mango wooden sideboard with brass hexagonal inlays

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