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Create a festive welcome with wonderful wreaths

Create a festive welcome with wonderful wreaths

However many or few people you invite into your home this year it will be lovely to give them a warm Christmassy welcome. Here we are looking at wreaths - these don't just have to be hung outside on the main door to your house - but they will also look welcoming and Christmassy in the Hallway.

Dark blue front door with round green Christmas wreath and large green bushes

Wreaths are a very traditional part of Christmas - they are thought to date back to the pre-Christian Germanic people of Eastern Europe who would gather wreaths of evergreen and light fires as a sign of hope for the coming spring and light. This tradition was taken up in Germany (around the 16th Century) who to this day use a wreath with four candles. One candle is lit each week in the four weeks of advent in the run-up to Christmas.

Putting a wreath on your front door is seen as a sign to welcome guests into your home over Christmas - nowadays it is also seen as part of our traditional home decor during the festive season. Many different styles and sizes are available to buy but they are also very easy to make yourself - which of course you can completely individualise.


This wreath looks so chic and is great for a smart townhouse door.

Green and blue Christmas wreath on dark grey front door


The perfect wreath for a cosy looking cottage door - warm colours, rustic natural elements and a bright ribbon to bring it all together. This could easily be hand made from things you can find in local shops and in the home.

Rustic Christmas wreath with dried blue flowers, cinnamon stick and leaves


This is a modern take on the traditional wreath - thin twigs have been swirled into a round shape with dried flowers in a similar muted hue. A simple, but very effective and welcoming wreath.

Modern wreath of long twigs and dried flowers with cream ribbon on neutral coloured wall

A festive hallway…

We often concentrate on the living room and dining room when it comes to festive cheer - but why not decorate your hallway? This is the place where you can make the warmest of first impressions. A wreath set on a small console table or a tall hallway shoe storage unit with large candles or better still Christmas scented candles will be lovely for you to walk well as any guests. If you prefer not to have candles burning in the hallway you can arrange fairy lights in a glass bowl or vase or hang them over a round wall mirror above a wood console table.

White lit Christmas candles with frosted pine cone against wood wall

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