Quick-check – Last minute Christmas check list

To do notepad on rustic wood with green pine needles
Christmas is going to be quite a different celebration this year – but even if you are at home with just your immediate family or have a few extra guests over, you will want to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible….so all you’ll need to do is sit back, relax and spend valuable time with your nearest and dearest.
Here we have put together a list of a few things you might want to add to a last-minute to-do list.

Rustic wood background with pine needles and to do list

Tidy round

Most of us will have this covered already! But it is surprising how quickly a room gets cluttered with a few extra guests and opened gifts. Not to mention the discarded wrapping paper. If you have a wooden sideboard in your living room put as much away in there as possible – If you keep your remotes on a rustic coffee table pop them in a drawer or on the shelf underneath it so you won’t be hunting around later. Tidy away shoes in the hallway, make additional space under a hallway storage bench to make some room for your guest’s shoes

Prepare the guest room for overnight visitors

You may know some guests will be staying over, but even if there is a chance some may unexpectedly stay, have the spare room hoovered out and some fresh clean bedding and towels ready and waiting to be used – having last-minute guests to stay will be a breeze! Place a festive plant or some Christmas decorations on the bedroom wooden chest of drawers, or place some festive cushions on the bed.

Red and white Christmas cushions on white bed covers

Think about seating

Seating around the dining table is always an issue at Christmas! Now is the time you should check if you have enough dining chairs. If you have an upholstered bench in the hallway you can easily bring it into the dining room ready to use. You may have an office swivel chair in a kids bedroom or the home office that can also be counted in. It’s not just in the dining room that you need to consider seating – you may need extra in the living room too so you can all sit down together and watch a festive family film after Christmas dinner.

Photo featuring: Chelwood Large Reclaimed Wood Dining Table & Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

Do you have everything for the table?

Do you have enough serving dishes and/or trays? How will you dish up Christmas dinner? Check you have serviettes, crackers, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, even salt and pepper. If you enjoy eating cold meats and cheeses for supper, or the next day, check you have some of your favourite pickles in. You might even want to get the table set now – rustic Christmas decorations and wreaths look beautiful on a reclaimed wood dining table and can be left in situ throughout the holidays.

Traditional Christmas dinner on dining table with glazed ham and cranberry sauce in a glass jar

Last-minute household essentials

Foil is one of those things that often gets forgotten about – I know I have done it myself! But things like toilet roll, matches, scented candles and especially batteries for the kids new toys or even the TV remote. It’s also worth checking on dishwasher tablets, kitchen roll, clingfilm for leftovers and the other things things that we do not purchase as regularly.

Treats to offer any unexpected guests

It’s always a good idea to have some extra bits in just in case you do get some unexpected guests. Mince pies, a spare box of festive chocolates, savoury nibbles and a couple of extra cartons of juice will keep well in the store cupboard.

Assortment of milk chocolates and white star biscuits on a brown plate