Create a hallway of fame with these reclaimed consoles

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Console Table with Drawers

The console table became a must-have item of furniture in the homes of 17th century French and Italian aristocracy and since then, it has remained a useful and stylish piece for the hall or entrance way of the home. In modern homes, it slimline features make it the perfect choice for offering storage without consuming too much space.

But its unassuming features doesn’t mean your reclaimed wood console table can’t be styled to give your hallway an extra pap of zing…In fact, in terms of hallway storage ideas, it could be the best decision you make.

Rustic beauty

The rustic style of reclaimed wood furniture may have a slightly less refined finish but that doesn’t mean it is any less elegant. Bring out the freshness of the white console table in the hallway with a vase of tall, striking white flowers. Add a basket for easy storage of small items (drop your car keys in and know you’ll find them again) and for when the daylight starts to fade, a beautiful lamp to cast a soft glow.

Luxury Raindrop Table Lamp

To balance any console table, don’t forget the expanse of wall behind it. A framed mirror does just the job, as will a large piece of artwork.

Lily Wall Mirror

More storage (without adding bulk)

Hallway storage is essential for a busy household and so a console table with drawers and a shelf is ideal for increasing options but without adding extra bulk. On the lower level shelf, adding baskets is an ideal way of keeping hats and scarves in check or use it as the base for storing school and work bags.

Candlelight adds a gentle, romantic light to the hallway and this console table is ideal for pairing with lanterns. Balance the table with a lantern at either end or, if you prefer, opt for the two sizes and cluster together in the corner. Add height with fresh, scented flowers nestling in a brown vase to add a colour element that draws everything together.

Classic Anthracite Lanterns

Again, don’t forget the wall behind the hallway table. Beautifully stylish, the Pebble hallway mirror allows for light to be reflected around, a feature that completes the scene.

Golden Pebbles Large Wall Mirror

A modern twist

The beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is just how beautifully it fits with any home and any style. The Worcester reclaimed wood console table with drawers is a common feature in the rustic style and no wonder: it brings an added depth of refinement without compromising on the components that make the style.

On the surface, it looks like effortless styling but how do you stop a collection of items from looking jumbled? Think in layers of height and you have the solution. In this case, choose two pieces of black and white prints, both in black frames but one taller than the other. The next layer is the glass jar or lantern (or another object) that is no taller than your tallest print. A tall, white vase at the other end of the table adds clarification as too do the smaller accessories in front of the items. When arranging your items, have everything ‘within touching distance’ of the other. In other words, no blank spaces.

Above the collection of well-chosen and placed items make a bold, bold statement. A mirror that has a vast expanse of glass is ideal but don’t hold back on its shape or frame.

Lana Wall Mirror

Three ways to style a hallway console table. Which is your preferred option?