Creating a beautiful white kitchen, Ibiza style

White Kitchen Furniture

White Kitchen Furniture

The Ibiza style kitchen is everything you imagine it to be – predominantly white, the use of wood tones softens the bluntness preventing it from looking too clinical.

With various well-placed accessories, the Ibiza styled kitchen is an absolute delight. Here’s how you can emulate it!

Opt for white cabinetry

Whether you are undertaking a whole new kitchen renovation or simply looking to update it, to get the Ibiza style you need to think in one colour: white.

White cabinet doors with minimal detailing – in fact, the flatter, the better – is a key foundation stone in building this fresh-looking kitchen.


Wood tones are important in this style because it is the addition that moves it from sleek, modern kitchen to the Ibiza style.

There are various ways of doing this including keeping the frames of the cabinets and central island in wood;

·Choose oiled wooden worktops to add warmth to the scheme

·Wooden door handles, such as the round door knob is also a way of adding wood without adding too many unnecessary flourishes.

Play with the tones

White and wood is a combination that has been prominent in many designs and styles over the years. but this doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touch and flourishes.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Chairs

Reclaimed wood furniture works well in this style and can be incorporated in many ways. For example, create a herb rack with wooden shelves or opt for a white dining table that has charm and appeal to it.

Retain the informal feel

The style is very informal and that means there are many ways in which you can add your own personal touches.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bar Stools and Table

For an informal, occasional eating area, a small bar and stool wouldn’t go amiss.

And maintaining the idea of the kitchen being a social space is a round reclaimed wood dining table. Both these items retain the wood and white wood combination, perfect for the Ibiza styled kitchen.

Go rustic

The rustic style is less refined – but just as appealing – than the farmhouse pieces and this is why it is one that dovetails effortlessly with the informal, relaxed Ibiza style.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Wooden Chairs

A rustic dining table, for example, with its well-worn look and the pedigree of reclaimed wood furniture is ideal for the white kitchen. Complementing wooden chairs are a must too.

Adding strands of warmth throughout the scheme can be done in other ways too, such as the beauty of a white display cabinet for holding and displaying essential items and pretty detailing.

Savannah Large Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Or, opt for a half-height white sideboard with drawers and cupboard space if that suits better.

All a bit too white…?

Although white is a great colour for the kitchen, it doesn’t always give the desired effect. For some people, even when tempered with natural wood tones, it still looks too stark, too clinical and too crisp.

There are solutions: opt for off white or even a cream for the kitchen cupboard doors and keep the wood tones creeping through the kitchen, adding spots of natural warmth.

And our final tip for this style of kitchen? Don’t forget the lighting!