Curl up in Your Living Room for our best Xmas Movies

Person sitting in an arm chair in front of a TV

Person sitting in an arm chair in front of a TV

Is there anything better for getting in the festive spirit than to kick back and watch your favourite Christmas movie? We think not, which is why our team are sharing not only their favourite Christmas movies but the best living furniture to snuggle up on and be transported to a soft, welcome world of Christmas movie land…

Turn the lights down and let’s begin

You want a cosy atmosphere to the living room when watching your favourite movie but this is surely compulsory at Christmas?

As well as dimming the lights, you need essential supplies next to your leather armchair or brown leather sofa to sustain you through the entirety of the film. Depending on the movie, you might need a box of tissues to wipe away the happy or sad tears, as well as plenty of chocolates – a tub of Celebrations or old school Quality Street never fail – a drink or two and maybe a scented candle for an extra flicker of warmth and gentle perfume.

The sofa

A large 3 seater fabric Chesterfield sofa in cream

The sofa should be deeply cushioned and one which will envelope and welcome us. This is something that Hellen insists is a must when watching her favourite movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. However, Hellen also has a penchant for watching Love Actually on an annual basis too and from the warmth and softness of the York chesterfield sofa, who can blame her?

You might want to consider adding yet more comfort with a large footstool too, ideal for taking the weight off your feet whilst you take in a movie or Christmas box set.

Candy, on the other hand, votes for Elf as her favourite Christmas movie, a wonderful movie that sees the oversized elf Buddy find his father in the city of New York. Full of laughs and romance, it’s no wonder that she voted this her favourite.

On a side note, she also has a soft spot for Paddington 2, a must for anyone who grew up with the bear and his exploits. Not strictly a Christmas movie, we understand, but still a great choice.

The armchair

Chris is a great Bill Murray fan and so clearly, top of his list has to be Scrooged. The self-important film executive character played by Bill Murray is plagued by the three Christmas ghosts as per the Dicken’s story.

A great movie to enjoy from a large armchair generously proportioned to welcome two people to snuggle or very, very roomy for one.

A dark grey wingback armchair with brown leather details

From the warm confines of a winged armchair, Victoria enjoys the thrills and spills of her favourite Christmas movie, the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. The domino of disasters that befalls the characters in this film are both comical but also send a clear message about what the festive season should be: family and being together, even if it is less than perfect.

Claire has a different taste completely with The Grinch being her favourite. Fed up with the bright lights of Christmas in Whoville, the Grinch pretends to be Father Christmas and pinches Christmas! There is a happy ending, however…

And for Jo, the best Christmas movie that always signals the start of her festive season is The Polar Express. Tom Hanks never gets it wrong, even when he stars in an animated movie.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?