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Vicky Silverthorn of You Need a Vicky

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As much as most of us don’t choose to clutter our living space, it’s an inevitable part of home life and all too often life gets in the way of keeping it the calm space you worked so hard to create. From that pile of papers on the corner of the work surface to a wooden chest of drawers full of unworn clothes and other odds and ends, there always seems to be ‘stuff’ staring at us no matter how hard we try to stay tidy. If you’ve attempted to get on top of the mess and to declutter only to create more work and stress, you may have come to the conclusion that it just isn’t for you. However, according to professional organiser, Vicky Silverthorn, of You Need a Vicky, decluttering isn’t rocket science, it’s simply a matter of mindset and organisation. Far from being the preserve of obsessive tidiers only, Vicky shares with us her pro Decluttering Tips of how to declutter without having to follow strict rules and make it a way of life….

Decluttering Tips for an organised home with Vicky Silverthorn

Vicky Silverthorn of You Need a Vicky

1. Live with less

One of the easiest changes you can make is to switch your mindset to enjoying to live with less. Life for many of us is frantic and already full, we don’t need more ‘stuff’ to busy our minds. The less belongings you have, the less you have to be responsible for and the easier it is to manage your belongings. You don’t have to follow strict rules, such as ‘if you haven’t worn an item for over a year, chuck-it’, to be good at decluttering; we don’t need more pressure! We’re all individual and live our lives differently, so there can’t be one rule-book that works for all. I believe once you get to grips with the concept of living with less, you will automatically be more selective with what you want in your home.

“being organised starts at home; if your home is in shape, other elements of your life will follow.” Vicky Silverthorn

2. Hold on to the things that are special

Many people think that decluttering includes ridding yourself and your home of everything that is special or holds precious memories. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you enjoy living a minimalist lifestyle, clutter is unlikely to be a problem for you, but for many of us, surrounding ourselves with reminders of those we love or happy times is what makes our house a home. By reassessing your belongings and moving some on, you will discover which items are genuinely most precious to you and give them pride of place on your shelves or wooden sideboard. Rather than be lost amongst other items, the important things are able to shine through and you will notice them more. It comes back to the notion of living with less. When we have less we value those special mementos more and this brings us greater appreciation and happiness.

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3. Look at your room differently

Once you have embraced the idea of living a less cluttered life and start seeing the benefits, you will enter a different mindset that makes it almost second nature. I really believe you don’t have to follow a strict formula and should do what works for you, think more guidelines than rules. My clients often tell me they no longer feel the need to have a dedicated declutter day as they naturally move on belongings they no longer want or need as they go. They view a room differently and as such, decluttering becomes a natural way of life.

“Ask yourself ‘can I live without it?’ – this is the most powerful question to ask yourself.” Vicky Silverthorn

4. Find friendly ways to restore order

One of my most important decluttering tips is to think of being tidy and ordered as a friend, rather than a foe. We all too often see order and restoring order as a chore and an unwelcome necessity. Being organised will work for you, not against you. Having order in the home, and your life, is not something that will add to your workload continuously. Give everything a home and get into the simple habit of putting things back where they belong, even if that takes you an extra 20 seconds – it will save you time in the long run.

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About Vicky Silverthorn

Being organised is something that comes naturally to Vicky. After ten years working as a PA for professional footballers, pro golfers and eventually the musician, Lily Allen, Vicky set up her own business, You Need A Vicky, to help people declutter and organise their homes. Vicky and her team share a passion for organisation to improve your life for the better and with their decluttering tips have helped people from all walks of life organise their homes and to declutter their spaces. To find out more visit

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