Dining Rooms with Standout Style

Luxe dining room with light grey button back dining chairs

Luxe dining room with light grey button back dining chairs, spider leg industrial dining table, black rattan pendant and tableware

The dining room is a versatile, functional space and with these stylish ideas, will be the standout room in your home.

Make a statement with lighting

Gold coloured round pendant light with a luxurious feel

Layers of light add so much to a room, yet we so often ignore the various tiers of light we need, that the room can lack ambience. As well as functional lighting – that is, the light you need to see when cleaning and so on – you need warm, background lighting. This means opting for a statement pendant, which the eye is attracted to and is a detail that can be discovered as your eyes roam the room. As well as large lights, consider smaller, quirkier, stylish pendant lights for the dining room.

Knockout seating

Deep purple velvet chair

Upholstered dining chairs add an instant hint of luxury to any dining room. Leather dining chairs have their place but if you really want knockout appeal, consider adding velvet, jewel-coloured velvet dining chairs. The use of texture adds luxury and elegance no matter what style of reclaimed wood dining table you have opted for.

Go large with the dining table

There is something about an expanse of tabletop that signifies the luxury of space and style in the room.

Reclaimed wood dining table with glass top and silver cross legs

Creating a standout dining room probably means you enjoy entertaining, whether that’s informal nibbles at a drinks party or a sit-down dinner party. Space for people to sit and enjoy their meals and each other’s company is best done around a spacious dining table. A 6-seater dining table ticks many boxes but if you have the space – you need a clear metre between the back of the chair and the wall or furniture when someone is sitting at the dinner table – why not opt for an 8-seater dining table? If you struggle for space between dinner parties, consider an extendable dining table.

Shoutout sideboards

Textured wooden sideboard with silver steel details

Every dining room needs storage, but there is no reason why wooden sideboards can’t be standout elegant pieces. A standout sideboard can be the combination of materials, such as the polished finish of the metal against rustic reclaimed wood as in the Luxe Kensington wood sideboard. Or, it can be a notable piece as a result of the exquisite detailing. The detailing of the Pimlico elm sideboard is not to be ignored, and neither is the quality of the build and craftsmanship from every grain and join.

Reclaimed wood sideboard in a dark grey finish with a gold geometric pattern and gold steel legs

Divide and conquer

Open plan living is popular. Perfect for seamless living and uninterrupted flow between zones and ‘rooms’, smaller ‘barriers’ between sections are not uncommon, however. Use furniture that doesn’t completely block the view from one area to another, and pieces that create a statement is also valuable too. For example, a large open display unit can add both a stylish confidence and help divide the room, as can a slim, tall bookcase to create a ‘doorway’ effect.

Pigeon hole luxe storage unit in gold

Wonder walls

And last, but by no means least are the walls. Creating a statement with large pieces of artwork is easy to do. As well as artwork, be as quirky as you like by considering adding mirrors, especially above the sideboard for an elegant detail that will never fail to attract attention. Clustering smaller frames of photos and artwork too, for extra detail that never fails to impress.