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Discover why textured furniture is a popular interior trend for 2022

Discover why textured furniture is a popular interior trend for 2022

top of mango wood dining table with diamond pattern

Our attention at this time of year turns to what changes we would like to make in the home and what interior design trends 2021 will continue to be popular. As well as sustainable furniture and reclaimed wood furniture, we have identified another hot new trend emerging in 2022 - textured furniture.

Interesting textures have been increasingly incorporated into interior design in the last few years in the guise of fluted glass panes, tiles with a twist and three-dimensional wallpaper and now furniture is jumping on the tactile trend.

Drawers, wooden wardrobes, rustic sideboards and desks are offering an alternative to flat fronts and level tops with something a little more decorative and textured. Slats, grooves, pattern and wonderfully rustic surfaces can be seen on all types of furniture and storage from a textured sideboard and rustic coffee table to wooden chest of drawers. From furniture to floors and even up the walls, texture is set to be an interior's friend this year.

For natural texture, reclaimed wood furniture is oozing with tactility and ideal for this emerging trend. The visible individual features of each piece is unique and can be as rustic or modern as you like. Discover more here...

reclaimed wood dining table with close up of rustic wood

Natural rustic texture

The Kensington Reclaimed Wood collection never fails to make an impression - this collection really is all about texture! Salvaged wood with highly visible grains, grooves and evidence of its past use is been paired with modern shiny silver industrial legs to create the most glamorous furniture. A sublime mix of warm rustic wood and industrial metal, nowhere is this more apparent than on the statement-making industrial dining table from the collection.

wooden highboard with brass inlays and mango wood sideboard with diamond pattern

Glamorous golden texture

The grain and rich honey colour of mango wood already make it beautiful, even before it has been crafted into furniture but when it comes to the Farnham and Canford sustainable mango wood furniture collections it has been transformed into stunning textured sensation. The Farnham features glitzy brass inlays and a textured design which will definitely draw attention in a room. The Canford has a more retro feel showcasing striking patterning skillfully crafted to create texture over all the pieces in the range.

reclaimed wood sideboard with round metal handle

Modern natural texture

The Glasgow reclaimed rustic sideboard is expertly crafted from solid reclaimed elm. This is one of our top picks when it comes to texture with the solid salvaged wood arranged in a stunning sun ray mosaic design. The wooden sideboard is supported by metal industrial legs with the rustic metal door handles providing an additional attractive finish.

As well as texture, a home that is eco-friendly continues to have a strong influence on interior trends. Discover how to create a stunning home that is good for the planet as well as to look at here.

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