New mango wood furniture – introducing the Oasis collection

New mango wood furniture - introducing the Canford collection blog

Eco-friendly furniture is not limited only to reclaimed wood furniture, oh no, sustainable furniture such as mango wood furniture is another option to go green at home. Mango wood is a by-product of the many mango fruit farms found in India and Asia. The trees are felled as the tree stops bearing fruit or if they naturally grow too big to harvest the fruit, and what is great is that a new tree is planted in its place – a tree for a tree!

We are always looking out for new furniture collections that meet our style and sustainable ethos and we are over the moon to be able to expand our rustic furniture collection to include several new ranges of furniture crafted from mango wood. We look in more detail at the gorgeous new Oasis mango furniture collection – it’s one of new favourites and we think you’re going to love it too! Here we look at the new dining and living room additions from this collection that are guaranteed to bring a warmth and elegance to your home.

Mango wood dining table

You really won’t need many other features to add interest to your dining room. The retro geometric design of the Oasis Sustainable Mango Wood Dining Table will be the ultimate talking point as you sit down to dine. Pair with the Oasis Dining Chairs for a lush and stylish look.

Mango Wood Dining and Living Room Storage

For hidden storage in your dining room, you can choose the Oasis Sustainable Highboard Cabinet. This would sit beautifully next to your mango wood dining table – do take a second to take note of those gorgeous brass metal handles and those lovely legs!!

The highboard is perfect for the living room too, especially when paired up with the gorgeous mango wood coffee table. The coffee table has a plain mango wood top – allowing the gorgeous wood grain and undulations of the mango wood to shine through the warm, rich, dark-honey finish. 

All your living room media storage needs can be organised in one stylish place with the help of the mango wood TV unit. It has two open-backed shelves for consoles, and TV boxes and two cupboards each with a shelf for those items you would rather hideaway!

The gorgeous colouring of this wood means it will match a whole variety of interior design schemes from airy light rooms to dark and luxurious rooms.

Create a cosy reading nook for World Book Day

cup of tea

For many of us, there is nothing more relaxing than getting cosy and stuck into a good book. If that’s your thing then creating a space using your favourite rustic furniture where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite read should be high on your home wish-list. This month we celebrate 25 years of World Book Day and so what better time to create an area that is as personal as your beloved book collection?

cat sat on a window seat for how to create a cosy reading nook for World Book Day blog

Ideas to create a cosy reading nook for World Book Day and beyond

The great thing about a reading nook is that it doesn’t have to be a big space – just somewhere that’s in a quiet part of the house with some good lighting. If you have a window with the sun streaming in then that may perfect for some, but not everyone likes to sit in a bright sunny spot so an alternative darker space will be better suited. If you are short on space you can make a window seat your reading spot, the landing might have a spare corner to make use of or put a comfy armchair in the corner of your guest bedroom or home office and combine the two – this would be perfect if you read a lot as part of your work.

Sitting comfortably

Comfortable seating is important for your new reading nook, however, you may be restricted by what space you have available. Decide what type of seating suits you best – if you like to sit and read with the kids then we love the idea of bean bags and cushions on the floor – wonderfully cosy to stretch out and lie down on. Or if reading is a moment of ‘me-time’, choose a seat that is comfy for you – maybe you want a Oswald Armchair and leather footstool combo to put your feet up on, a chaise long or a small armchair and a blanket to curl up.

close up of industrial bookcase

Add a bookcase

Book storage is also important for us bookworms! If you like your books on show then consider an open rustic bookcase. As well as being the perfect display place for your favourite tomes, a wooden bookcase is also a great room divider, helping your zone an open-plan space and create the ideal reading nook.

If you prefer for your books to be safely stored away and not on show then a wooden sideboard with doors is worth considering. You can use this reclaimed wood furniture to make your reading space personal by adding some wall prints, a house plant and some of your favourite photos of family and friends on the surface.

Keep a side table at your side

velvet sofa with reclaimed wood side table

Aside from having somewhere to sit, the next most important consideration for a reading nook is a spot to place a lamp and cup of tea or coffee (or wine!) whilst you escape into your story. An industrial side table like the Mitcham Industrial Oak Side Table is a great choice – it doesn’t take up much space and can be easily moved around to your desired reading area and tucked away when not in use.

Where do you like to sit when you read? We’d love to hear how you make your reading nook special. Leave a comment in the box below or join the conversation @modishliving.


What is sustainable wood and why is it important?

wooden logs for what is sustainable wood and why is it important blog

We constantly hear the terms eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, recycled and sustainable when it comes to home interiors, but you’re not alone if you’re not clear what makes wood sustainable? Here, we look at everything you need to know about sustainable timber.

For many hundreds of years when people wanted to build something, they would go into the forest or woods and chop down the trees they needed for the job. Of course, after 1000’s of years of people just helping themselves and with the huge increases in population across the world, the forested areas were starting to get a bit sparse. After the first world war, the forested areas in the UK was at an all-time low and so the Forestry Commission was formed to replant and manage forest areas in the UK.

close up of logs of wood

What actually is sustainable wood?

Sustainable wood is timber that can be used for building, furniture production etc. without having a detrimental effect on the environment. It generally comes from a renewable source where trees can be felled and replanted with little knock-on effect to local wildlife, eco-systems and the environment in general. The felling of trees is responsibly managed by organisations whose main concern is the long term well-being of the environment.

Why buy sustainable wood?

It makes perfect sense to buy wood from a sustainable source as opposed to other sources. Sadly, still much of the wood sold around the world is not from a sustainable source, even in Europe. The impact of deforestation, even rain forests 1,000’s of miles away, affects us all. There is a human element to deforestation too – tribes people are forced out of their homes and local farmers are often subject to exploitation if the felling of trees is not regulated correctly. All of these reasons point to why sourcing sustainable wood for our rustic furniture is the responsible choice.

reclaimed wooden bed frame with pink covers

Types of sustainable wood

There are many types of sustainable wood you can choose from – mango wood is a fast-growing hardwood that is a by-product of mango farms, so this is ideal to produce sustainable furniture from. Other materials, such as, rattan, Douglas fir, certified oak and ashwood are also sustainable. Of course, the best wood to use is reclaimed wood – this can be used to craft the most gorgeous reclaimed furniture such as a full of character farmhouse table, a sturdy and solid wood bed frame or a decorative rustic sideboard.

How can you identify sustainable wood?

rustic sideboard with mosaic pattern

You can easily check if unprocessed timber or a piece of reclaimed wood furniture is crafted from a sustainable source by looking out for the internationally recognised FSC certification.

Which woods should be avoided?

When it comes to choosing wood furniture or timber for construction then there are some woods that should be avoided….unless of course, you are satisfied it has the correct FSC certification. These include teak in general, Mahogany, Ebony and Sapelee. Many of these tree species are endangered and frequently felled and exported illegally even though they are vital to the people, the wildlife and ecosystems that surround them.

If you want some ideas on how to furnish your home in a sustainable way, we’ve created some top tips, or read our blog on creating an eco-friendly interior design.

Top tips to furnish your home in a sustainable way

reclaimed wood dining table with rattan dining chairs

We are constantly hearing the term “sustainably sourced” or “sustainably produced”, but what does it actually mean and how can we ensure that the rustic furniture we put in our homes meet the sustainable criteria?

Anything that is described as “sustainable” is basically eco-friendly, for example, it has been sourced and produced in an environmentally friendly way. This will mean that the seller or the producer will have minimised any environmental impact before selling to the end-user. When items are described as sustainable you know that the way the item has been produced, the raw materials used and transportation have all been done in as friendly a way to the environment as possible. Rattan is a prime example of a sustainable raw material – it is a vine tree that grows fast, much faster than wood, it needs very little processing and at the end of its life, it is biodegradable. Other materials include reclaimed wood furniture and mango wood furniture. Let’s find out more….

reclaimed wood dining table with rattan dining chairs

Reclaimed wood furniture

We all know what reclaimed furniture is these days – the wood used to produce a reclaimed wood dining table, for instance, will have been salvaged and skillfully repurposed after already “living” one life as part of a building, boat or as a railway sleeper. This solid and strong old wood is full of character so it goes on to become a beautiful piece of furniture. If you are looking to invest in a new rustic dining table, choose considerately and opt for a reclaimed wood one.

white painted reclaimed wood dining table with wooden dining chairs

Mango wood furniture

Mango wood is the perfect wood from which to produce sustainable furniture. Mango wood is actually a by-product of mango farms, mango trees grow very quickly and once they grow too tall or too old to produce a full harvest they are felled and a new tree planted in its place – it’s at this point the wood can be sold to furniture manufacturers for a new life. Although it grows quickly, mango wood is a hardwood which means it can go on to be crafted into long-lasting quality furniture. 

mango wood dining table with grey velvet dining chairs

Investment pieces

A sofa is a prime example of a piece of furniture you invest in. You should only really need to buy a sofa every 5 to 10 years, the average age a sofa starts to sag and lose its comfort is considered to be around seven years. When it comes to buying a sofa, be it a fabric sofa or leather couch quality matters, buying a poor quality sofa will be a false economy, not to mention worse for the environment. To ensure it blends in with new decor schemes over time, pick a classic shape and refresh it with modern throws and cushions. A good sofa can also be re-covered or re-upholstered if it does need a revamp after time.

Reuse furniture

We are trying to stop furniture from being used for a short while and then being disposed of in landfill sites. If you are having a change around and reorganising your home then try to reuse furniture items in other parts of your home, garden shed or garage. An old wooden dining table can be used as a desk in a home office, old shelving can be used for storage in the garage, a wooden sideboard you once used in the living room can be moved to the dining room, a hallway or even a bedroom. If you really can’t use it then try to sell it or give it away – all these options are better than simply disposing of old furniture.

Discover why textured furniture is a popular interior trend for 2022

why textured furniture is an interior trend for 2022

top of mango wood dining table with diamond pattern

Our attention at this time of year turns to what changes we would like to make in the home and what interior design trends 2021 will continue to be popular. As well as sustainable furniture and reclaimed wood furniture, we have identified another hot new trend emerging in 2022 – textured furniture.

Interesting textures have been increasingly incorporated into interior design in the last few years in the guise of fluted glass panes, tiles with a twist and three-dimensional wallpaper and now furniture is jumping on the tactile trend.

Drawers, wooden wardrobes, rustic sideboards and desks are offering an alternative to flat fronts and level tops with something a little more decorative and textured. Slats, grooves, pattern and wonderfully rustic surfaces can be seen on all types of furniture and storage from a textured sideboard and rustic coffee table to wooden chest of drawers. From furniture to floors and even up the walls, texture is set to be an interior’s friend this year.

For natural texture, reclaimed wood furniture is oozing with tactility and ideal for this emerging trend. The visible individual features of each piece is unique and can be as rustic or modern as you like. Discover more here…

reclaimed wood dining table with close up of rustic wood

Natural rustic texture

The Kensington Reclaimed Wood collection never fails to make an impression – this collection really is all about texture! Salvaged wood with highly visible grains, grooves and evidence of its past use is been paired with modern shiny silver industrial legs to create the most glamorous furniture. A sublime mix of warm rustic wood and industrial metal, nowhere is this more apparent than on the statement-making industrial dining table from the collection.

wooden highboard with brass inlays and mango wood sideboard with diamond pattern

Glamorous golden texture

The grain and rich honey colour of mango wood already make it beautiful, even before it has been crafted into furniture but when it comes to the Farnham and Canford sustainable mango wood furniture collections it has been transformed into stunning textured sensation. The Farnham features glitzy brass inlays and a textured design which will definitely draw attention in a room. The Canford has a more retro feel showcasing striking patterning skillfully crafted to create texture over all the pieces in the range.

reclaimed wood sideboard with round metal handle

Modern natural texture

The Glasgow reclaimed rustic sideboard is expertly crafted from solid reclaimed elm. This is one of our top picks when it comes to texture with the solid salvaged wood arranged in a stunning sun ray mosaic design. The wooden sideboard is supported by metal industrial legs with the rustic metal door handles providing an additional attractive finish.

As well as texture, a home that is eco-friendly continues to have a strong influence on interior trends. Discover how to create a stunning home that is good for the planet as well as to look at here.

Top tips to create an eco-friendly interior design

Top tips to create an eco-friendly interior design

modern living room with wooden tv stand and large green plant

Many of us will have welcomed the new year with a reassessment of our impact on the planet. The pandemic and pressing climate change focus has encouraged us to look at our homes and interior design from a different perspective. If you’re planning any renovation projects this year, take a quick look at our tips on ways you can create an eco-friendly home and space that benefits your life and the environment.

Reuse what you can

Now that we are all so much more aware of the climate issues, we are looking at our living spaces and looking for ways to live more sustainably. One easy change to making your home more eco-friendly is to avoid throwing old furniture pieces out when you can give it a stamp of individuality and a new lease of life by upcycling. That old rustic wardrobe can be brightly painted and used in a child’s bedroom or even in the garage for storage! Reusing and repurposing what you can, when you can will help create less waste and energy. If you want to buy new items, invest in good quality pieces that will last or look for reclaimed wood furniture, such as a reclaimed dining table, that has been crafted from wood previously used for other purposes.

energy efficiency table for top tips to create an eco-friendly interior design

Be energy efficient

Talking of less energy, if you are replacing your fridge freezer, oven or washer/dryer in the January sales, then pay special attention to its energy consumption. Yes, the more energy-efficient appliances do cost a little more upfront but with energy prices showing no signs of decreasing anytime soon, you will get this money back many times over in ongoing usage costs, not to mention the wider benefit to the environment.

green plants surrounding wooden trestle table for top tips of how to create an eco-friendly interior design blog

Introduce plenty of greenery

Leave some space in your renovation plans for plants and greenery. During the lockdowns we all realised how much we need to connect with nature so make sure you can bring a little (or a lot) of it into your homes where you can. Plants are good for your mental wellbeing as well as simply looking good in the room. Do some research and pick easy to care for varieties to start with. Industrial wall shelves can be softened by displaying some greenery on them, you can put a house plant on an industrial sideboard in your dining room or on a rustic console table in the hallway to bring a sense of the outdoors into the home.

mango wood coffee table with dark brown leather sofa

Natural materials

Think about filling your room with natural materials – a rug made out of jute, a stone floor or a leather couch – look out for the words eco and sustainable when shopping around for accessories or furniture. Mango wood furniture is completely sustainable; it’s a solid hardwood that is easy to work with and has a lovely rich honey colour and features stunning wood grain patterning. Find out more about mango wood and why its the sustainable furniture of choice here.

Get smart

Try to use smart technology where possible to help you run your home in a more eco-efficient way as well as save you money on your household bills. Things like intuitive heating systems, smart strips and power adaptors which stop electricity travelling to idle appliances or chargers, automated lighting and smart irrigating systems for the garden.

If this has inspired you to make some eco-friendly changes in your home see our other blogs for more tips and ideas…

Create an interior that’s good for you and the planet

3 reasons why reclaimed wood is the eco-friendly choice

Simple ways to reduce plastic in the home

It’s National Tree Week! Why reclaimed wood is tree friendly

looking up at tall trees for It's National Tree Week! Why reclaimed wood is tree friendly blog

forest of trees for it's national tree week blog

National Tree Week starts tomorrow, marking the beginning of the winter tree planting season that runs every year in the UK from November through until March. It’s the largest annual tree celebration in the UK and if you love trees and protecting trees like we do, you can take part in lots of events and get planting.

Living sustainably and protecting the planet we live on is close to our hearts here at Modish Living. It’s why we champion reclaimed wood furniture and sustainable furniture, so as well as planting a tree next week, see here how you can help protect our trees by choosing furniture that is eco-friendly.

Why reclaimed wood furniture is eco-friendly

Reclaimed wood furniture is produced from solid wood that is rescued from old buildings that are being demolished or old railway sleepers, even wooden boats. No mature trees are cut down for this and no new trees are being prematurely felled to produce this furniture. We all know that deforestation has a huge effect on the earth’s climate – that’s why over 100 world leaders promised to end deforestation by 2030 at the recent COP26 summit. The wood used retains its original markings giving each piece of furniture uniqueness and individuality. From a rustic sideboard to an industrial coffee table reclaimed furniture is generally crafted and finished by hand – which is a great way to maintain traditional carpentry techniques and jobs.

reclaimed solid wood bed frame with wooden bedside table and small dog on bed

Our Beam and Urban Industrial collections are produced using traditional methods right here in the UK. Everything from a wooden super king bed and bedside tables to reclaimed wood dining tables and industrial wooden dining benches are all produced by hand, to order, from reclaimed local timber.

What is sustainable wood?

Sustainable wood comes from forests that have been responsibly managed and continuously replenished. When it comes to sustainable furniture, mango wood furniture is a great option. A by-product of mango farms, when older trees stop bearing fruit it is chopped down and a new tree planted in its place; instead of the wood being burnt or left to rot, the wood is sold on to furniture manufacturers to transform it into stylish furniture. This not only cuts down on deforestation, but it also gives mango farmers an additional income. Mango wood is a hardwood that lends itself brilliantly to rustic furniture. Beautiful grain patterns, a rich honey colour and natural undulations all give wonderful character as seen in our stunning Canford, Farnham and Ringwood mango furniture collections.

mango wood coffee table with brass hexagonal inlays

What other sustainable furniture options are there?

Rattan is another great choice when it comes to making an eco-friendly, and tree-friendly, furniture purchase. Mainly grown in the tropical forests of South-East Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, Rattan is part of the palm family and needs trees to grow up so it is harvested without the need for trees to be cut down, thus reducing deforestation. It also grows very quickly and is ready to harvest after just two years rather than 20+ years for a tree. Once the rattan is harvested it is left in the sun to dry – this low tech production method has very little impact on the environment. Rattan furniture is a popular choice in homes due to its planet-friendly nature and wonderful style.

rattan dining chairs around reclaimed wood dining table

New Farnham – mango wood furniture with a difference

farnham mango wood furniture collection

With all our new collections of sustainable mango wood furniture, it is really hard to settle on a favourite! But, if you like a bit of bling in your living and dining space then this has to bethe one’.

farnham mango wood furniture collection

What is so wonderful about the Farnham mango wood furniture collection?

First and foremost this collection is crafted from solid mango wood – a sustainable wood that much like reclaimed wood furniture, is eco-friendly and kinder to the environment. What’s more, mango wood is actually a hardwood, like oak and mahogany, except it is fast-growing and readily available due to it being a byproduct of mango fruit farms.

Secondly, the Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood collection is absolutely gorgeous! If you are looking to create a luxurious look in your living and dining space by using on-trend rich and dark colours then this collection will bring in tonnes of glamour and brightness thanks to the brass detail that is both a stunning and unique feature of the collection.

For the dining space, you have a solid mango wood dining table – the tabletop of this has been left as solid natural mango wood that allows the beauty of the wood grain and natural undulations of the wood to shine through. It is finished in a dark honey colour making it look warm and inviting to diners. Rich blue velvet dining chairs look stunning alongside it with the blue complementing the sleek brass table legs effortlessly.

close up of mango wood dining table

Sensational storage solutions – hidden golden gems

Hidden storage comes in the form of the wide mango wood sideboard which proudly boasts a contemporary design that pops out of the cupboard doors (one double cupboard and one single). The geometric hexagonal design is etched with brass and set within the wood to give the range a decadent finish and enhance sleek gold coloured legs. Another hidden gem is the highboard cabinet, a wonderful piece with four cupboard doors and brass handles in the centre that set-off the unique brass detailing in the wood – the perfect drinks cabinet perhaps?

mango wood sideboard with blue table lamp

You can continue the Midas look into your living space as well. The mango wood coffee table top features the same eye-catching geometric wood and brass patterning and for additional storage, you have a handy solid wood shelf below it. And don’t forget to include the wood side table in your living room – stand a contemporary lamp on this at the end of your sofa or pull it out for guests to use when you need a little bit of extra space.

mango wood coffee table with brass inlays and bottom shelf

The mango wood TV unit does not disappoint either – with two open shelves there’s plenty of room for the TV box and consoles. There’s a cupboard for hidden storage, a perfect spot for all the controllers and other TV paraphernalia when not in use.

mango wood tv unit with two cupboards and shelf

And finally somewhere to put all those books and decorative items you like on display. For a contemporary look, the wooden bookshelf has some open shelves and some with a back all brought together on a stylish slim gold coloured frame… actually, you may not even want to put things on some of the shelves of the wooden display cabinet as they will obscure the beauty of the piece itself!

mango wood bookcase and high board cabinet with brass details

Find out more about Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood collection here or read about mango wood furniture and why it’s the sustainable choice for your home in our Mango Wood – how suitable is it for furniture blog.

Create a warm rustic living room with the Ringwood

mango wood coffee table next to dark brown leather sofa

A living room should be a cosy family room – somewhere to relax and unwind in front of the TV, play cards and board games with your favourite people, a place to quietly read a book as well as a social space to sit with friends over a morning coffee or before dinner cocktails.

You also want your living room to reflect your personality and style so this is why we have many different types of rustic furniture collections for you to choose from – the modern look comes from the Canford mango wood furniture collection, whereas if you like the look of industrial furniture then you can choose from the Standford reclaimed wood furniture collection or for rustic furniture then the new Ringwood living room furniture collection simply has to grab your attention.

The Ringwood collection is skillfully crafted from gorgeous honey-coloured, sustainable mango wood. It is produced in a way to make the most of the gorgeous wood grain that mango wood is renowned for, just what you need to create a warm rustic living room.

mango wood coffee table and dark brown leather sofa

Just about every living room has a coffee table and we love the beautiful simplicity and clean lines of the Ringwood rustic coffee table where the gorgeous mango wood does all the talking. However, if you need to add some practical storage space in your living room (and who doesn’t?) then the storage coffee table with its slide open top and two drawers has to be your first choice. For extra occasional coffee tables then consider the wooden nest of tables always handy to have when visitors call!

mango wood lamp table with dark brown leather sofa

For those times when you just want a little atmospheric dim lighting in your living room then make sure you have a lamp next to the Ringwood lamp table next to your favourite relaxing spot – it has a drawer too, handy for your favourite book, reading glasses and to keep remotes in one place.

mango wood console table with two drawers

Bringing your own personality to a living room is essential for a homely living space and the rustic sideboard or rustic console table is the ideal spot to display memorable photos and favoured accessories, again crated from solid mango using traditional carpentry methods to ensure each piece is as unique as it is beautiful.

close up of mango wood drawer

Being a rich dark honey colour this living room furniture will bring a natural rustic warmth into your room that only real solid wood can – it will complement bolder and brighter colour schemes just as it will a calming neutral colour scheme.

Carry the same rustic scheme into your dining space with the Ringwood Sustainable Mango Wood Furniture for the dining room. Including a wonderful mango wood dining table with solid X-legs and a choice of three matching wooden dining chairs, read more in our Spotlight on the new Ringwood Mango Wood Dining blog here.