Easy tips to decorate your mantelpiece

Stag Wall Art

Stag Wall Art Canvas Painting in Living Room

The fire and mantelpiece make an obvious focal point for a room but that doesn’t mean decorating and accessorising it has to be ‘obvious’ too. Opt for something different, modern or quirky, as well as your own take on traditional mantelpiece adornments.

Breath Taking Art Work

Art work with an impact but a timeless appeal is much coveted and sought after. The mantelpiece is the ideal location for such a piece of exquisite art. Anything too quirky or outlandish can have a short shelf life but Ant Fox’s Stag canvas wall art is a delight to behold. Either fix to the wall above the mantel or enjoy it propped against the wall, with a carefully positioned garland of evergreen leaves or lights at the base.


The bigger the better and with a superbly ornate, detailed frame, the mirror-above-the-mantelpiece will be a style and accessory of which we will never tire.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Mirror

There are some exquisite pieces that will give the mantelpiece the emphasis it deserves. How about the arched Colette reclaimed wood framed mirror? Grand without over-the-top pizzazz, it would either hang or lean beautifully on any mantelpiece. As a rustic mirror, it ticks so many boxes but there are other styles that can pull the spotlight to the fireplace, so to speak.

Or why not try a striking geometric appeal of an art deco mirror? Although perfect for any room or hallway, the addition of such an iconic shape, an unashamed nod to the art deco era, must surely mean that the best place for it must be above the mantelpiece?

The Glow of…

… Candles

It is, of course, a traditional and harmonious marriage between the candle and the mantelpiece. Back in years gone by, before the convenience of electric light, the fire and the candle was the source of night time light. It made sense to keep the flickering candle flame from harm’s way on the mantelpiece and thus, the tradition of candles on mantelpieces remains.

Highlander Wall Art Canvas

Statuesque pillar candle holders are an ideal addition, adding romance to the room. Use alongside artwork to enhance it and with a mantelpiece mirror too so that the dancing glow is reflected in the room.

… Lights

If candles are not your thing, you could always opt for the gentle flight of small ‘fairy’ lights. The small lights weaved into these lanterns are so very pretty but if you feel you want something more, why not opt for a lamp at either end of the mantelpiece? We love the idea of ringing the changes with modern table lamps, with vibrant colour or a modern shape that adds something extra to the room.

Wire Weave Fairy Light

Whatever you choose to add to your mantelpiece, it is sure to dazzle and look exquisite. After all, you want to draw attention and add to it with pieces that are planned and placed with design, whether that is a mirror or a piece of artwork, or a lamp or a candle.

What will you add to your mantelpiece?