Easy ways to mix rustic and elegant interior styles like a pro

Easy ways to mix rustic and elegant styles like a pro blog

rustic living room with elegant cream upholstered armchairs and large sofa

If you love an elegant interior style, but have a fondness for the modern rustic look that is so popular right now, you’re not alone. Rustic furniture makes a space warm and homely, but it doesn’t have to be rough and ready. Reclaimed wood furniture in an elegant design or with sophisticated detailing can bring the two styles together. Here we explain how you can easily blend rustic and elegant interior design to create a home worthy of a glossy front cover.

Tip #1 – Make a statement

We think every room should have at least one focal point and if you are mixing rustic and elegant in the dining room the obvious choice is an eye-catching rustic dining table. This is a great foundation to build around and where you can add elegance via upholstered dining chairs for comfortable and stylish dining. A rustic console table or, for handy storage, a solid wood sideboard will give you an extra surface area to stand an elegant table lamp or a vase of flowers to further cement your blend of rustic and elegant.

Tip #2 Less is more

Less is certainly more when it comes to effortlessly blending rustic with elegant. Don’t be tempted to overcrowd your room with too much furniture or too many accessories, simplicity is key. Keep it uncomplicated with gentle neutral colours. White is a naturally easy colour to work with and provides the perfect backdrop for more elaborate and textured accessories. Consider pale reclaimed wood furniture or white painted rustic furniture as a perfect starting point for your elegant theme.

Tip #3 Use rustic accents

You don’t have to rush out and buy new furniture to achieve this look – you can upcycle and repurpose pieces you already have and just buy one or even two new statement investment pieces that bring in a rustic feel. Reclaimed wood furniture is skilfully crafted from solid wood and with so many different styles and finishes available to choose from you are sure to be able to find just the right piece that will add a statement in your home for many years to come. Pick one accent piece per room, such as a reclaimed wood coffee table or a wonderfully natural rustic bed and keep the rest of the scheme paired-back and elegant.

Tip #4 Combine and contrast

The say opposites attract and we have to agree. Combining contrasting textures is an effortless way to mix rustic and elegant styles. Reclaimed wood rich in character, natural undulations, grooves and splits paired with polished metals in silver or gold bring together opposing materials that work together so well. Good examples of this are the Onslow and the Farnham mango wood furniture collection. The Onslow reclaimed wood furniture collection never fails to make a statement whichever room it is in.

luxe kensington reclaimed wood dining table with blue kitchen units

The sustainable mango wood Farnham collection combines natural wood with interesting brass inlays as well as brass metal hardware. The combination of wood, metal and a contemporary design ensures this stylish collection will add a touch of glamour to a room.

large mango wood sideboard with brass hexagonal inlays

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