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How to get the Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian Napier Harris Tweed Sofa

Clean and uncomplicated, the Scandinavian look for a living room is a popular choice.

A design of this kind if characterised by using light, neutral colours alongside natural materials. Think wood, not MDF. Think metal, not plastic. Fabrics are natural too – the warmth of wool and the smooth touch of cotton.

It is a look you can have in your living room, and here’s how;

Neutral Walls

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Metro Black and White Rug

Don’t opt for dark colours, but keep the shades light and carefree. White is favourable but if you find it too stark and clinical, used soft, soft greys and barely-there beige and cream.


Natural wood flooring is ideal. Seal and varnish but love its impurities, dents and scuffs as you love an old cardigan that answers so many needs. Add texture and notes of warmth with rugs, but remember natural materials are essential.

This grey rug would add tone to a room, perfect for complementing white walls. For between-your-toes luxury, this white sheepskin rug is the epitome of luxury.

Living Room Furniture

Sofas and Armchairs

Scandinavian design doesn’t mean a trip to a well-known Swedish store. There are other options.

For a Scandinavian sofa, this Harris tweed sofa is ideal, especially with the wooden legs to complement the wooden floor and white sheepskin rug.

Add a pop of the modern with this black and white leather hide club chair. Imagine sinking into its welcoming, comforting depth at the end of a busy day, fire roaring, drink in hand.

Now that you have the sofa and chairs in places, you need to add furniture for storage and style. But don’t overfill the space. Not every inch of the living room’s floor space and perimeter needs to be filled.

  • Sideboard – a painted sideboard is an ideal storage unit and they come with various designs and detailed features that work well in a Scandinavian interior. This oak sideboard is ideal or for when you want height, storage and display space, this oak display cabinet has the right look, without the clutter or the busyness.
  • Ladder shelving – again, adding just the right amount of detail, these oak shelves is ideal for a Scandinavian interior.
  • Coffee tables – Scandinavian design is about dimension too. Coffee tables should frame your sofa, not overpower it. Thus, choose a – preferably white - coffee table that is simple in design, affords storage and other practical elements but is smaller than your sofa.
  • Nest of tables – no longer assigned to the past, there is a simplicity with a nest of tables that means they fit perfectly within a Scandinavian design. An armchair should be part of three items – a small table and a rug – means it is framed within the larger setting of the living room. To ring the changes, a white round coffee table is an ideal element in this design scheme.

Finish the Space

To accessorise the space, add key elements such as plants – one large floor plant or sets of three, smaller pot plants on your oak shelves work well.

Throws are great for the sofa but don’t opt for heavily coloured items. Instead, stick to light colours and patterns such as plaid or tartan.

Now all you need to do is enjoy and relax.

Spend quality time with your children in the garden

Little reading in the gardenWith the summer months comes warmer temperatures and hours of glorious sunshine – or so we hope! – and that means getting out in the garden, enjoying the space it has to offer.

Spending quality time with the kids in the garden is ideal for the summer months stretching out before you. There are many outdoor activities, from messy play to trampolining, that are suitable. And one great idea is cooking and eating outdoors with your kids.

Eating Outdoors

Round St Mawes Garden Table in Reclaimed Teak OutdoorEating together as a family brings many benefits. But preparing and cooking together is also a great bonding activity.

It is also a great way to teach kids where their food comes from and encourage them to try new things.

  • Deconstructed Cheese Burger

Kids love burgers but the same old thing over and over again gets boring. Encourage your children to look at food differently with this deconstructed cheeseburger salad;

  • Enough burgers per person – grill or oven bake. Or, BBQ them. Whilst they cook, make the salad…

You will need:

  • Salad leaves – you choose! Watercress adds a peppery note, as do rocket leaves to a salad. Iceberg lettuce is great for any salad base and is light and refreshing. Chop and tear the leaves to create a luscious green bed of leaves.
  • Salad ingredients – add anything you like from chopped tomatoes to ribbons or carrot and kernels of sweetcorn.
  • Cheese slices or cubes – add these to your salad

Once the burgers are cooked, chop them into cubes and add to the salad. You can eat cooked burgers cold so you can bake the burgers earlier on in the day and make the salad for lunch or tea.

  • Pitta sandwiches

Another quick and easy lunch is to make your own sandwiches and enjoy a picnic in the garden.

You will need fresh bread or ring the changes with pitta bread pockets. Instead of butter, use a light cheese spread and have a range of options for your kids to try.

Grated cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olives… you name it, entice your kids to try it. Include meats and fish, like tuna or smoked mackerel for a zap of flavour.

Alfresco Dining

Garden Bistro Set Table and four Chairs in Sky Blue

Of course, if you don’t have garden furniture, you can also enjoy a picnic on the grass. But to encourage alfresco dining, why not invest in a high-quality outdoor seating and garden sets.

Buy furniture that fits the needs of your family but bear in mind the dimensions of the garden too.

A small garden table works well for smaller gardens but also for creating a zoned dining area too.

Bistro garden furniture – available in different colours and seating formats – are ideal for any garden space, perfect for impromptu brunch.

And don’t forget to accessorise the outdoor dining area too. Solar lights are ideal for adding notes of interest (and much safer on an outdoor bistro set than candles!) and some can be incredibly bright too. Or enjoy plants in pots and other garden accessories on the garden ladder shelving.

3 of the best reclaimed wood tables and how to style them

Reclaimed wood furniture is perfect for any home for its high quality wood which will bring you years of enjoyment, and the beautiful character of wood in its natural form. Go for a reclaimed wood dining table for a beautiful look in your home, whether it is paired with other reclaimed furniture to create a glamorous countryside appearance, or with modern design elements like steel and glass to add some personality.

Mary Rose Reclaimed Boat Wood Dining Table with dining chairs in dining room

Eat in style with the gorgeous Mary Rose Reclaimed Boat Wood Dining Table. The wood dining table is a fantastic choice to add some colour into a kitchen or dining room to bring it to life and is perfect for family life. A perfect addition to both city homes and as a stylish farmhouse table. 

To create the dining room of dreams, pair the dining table with other dining room furniture like one of our reclaimed wooden sideboards. The matching Mary Rose 6 Drawer Reclaimed Wood Sideboard would look great for a coordinated look, and the addition of colour running through the wood means you can keep the rest of your room light on decoration for a uncluttered, contemporary space you'll love entertaining in. Alternatively, if you do love to entertain, the Riya Reclaimed Wood Sideboard Cabinet comes with a stylish, inbuilt wine rack to hold up to 10 bottles of your favourite wine. 

Finish the look with one or two simple accessories like a potted plant on your sideboard, and for dining table chairs, go for metal cafe chairs, a style which has been hugely popular in home decor the last couple of years. 

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with dining chairs

If you are looking for stylish and sophisticated style, look no further than the Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table. The table features a table top crafted out of beautiful old railway sleeper wood for a beautiful natural texture and is finished with a steel cross base for a contemporary look. The table can also be topped for glass for an easy to maintain yet sleek finish which still allows the beauty of the natural wood to show through. This truly stunning wooden dining table will grace any dining room. 

Add some further luxury to your table with fabric dining chairs. The Luxe Macy Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs are perfect for creating stunning, comfortable seating in your dining area with their elegant sides and button backs. You could even have the chairs upholstered in velvet for an aesthetic finish - velvet dining chairs really are the ultimate in glamorous dining!

To finish the room add the matching Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Console Table for the perfect combination of elegant and rustic style and choose a couple of statement accessories, like a large wall clock and an elegant candle holder

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

From our newest Barclay collection, the Barclay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table will add glamorous style and practicality to any room. It is the perfect blend of classic styling with contemporary elements with the reclaimed table and little drawer details around the edge, contrasted against the angled metal legs. As for seating, the Grey Luxe Daisy Upholstered Chair are perfect with this style of table, as the details like the button back and fitted large silver hoops create a rich finish but the slimmer design will create an illusion of more space in any room. 

To get the look, pair the table with the matching sideboard for plenty of extra storage which blends practicality with beauty, and for dining room accessories, hang a statement wall clock above and choose some beautiful flowers to add some colour when you are entertaining. 

To find the perfect dining room furniture for your home, please take a look at the Modish Living website or get in touch with one of our team members.