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Choosing the best position for your bed

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bed for your needs, the next question you have to ask yourself is where in the room you’ll place it. On the face of it, it seems a simple enough question to answer. And yet, when it comes to practicalities, knowing where to position contemporary beds is tough. 

Winchester Rustic Wooden Bed with blanket box and bedside table

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The Main Wall Position

Conventional wisdom is that the bed in the master bedroom occupies the main wall – the biggest expanse of wall in the room. But this is not always a practical solution. In some rooms this positioning makes sense but in others, it depends on size and proportions of the bed.

In a square room, using the bed as a focal point is a great move as it gives the rest of the room definition. This may mean the headboard of your stylish bed being on the main wall or it may mean it being on another wall.

Elegant Hudson Living Marlow Bed Painted in Grey in bedroom with bedside

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Secure Sleeping Position

We may credit ourselves with more intelligence than other mammals but we still have a deep-rooted primal instinct to sleep in a secure location, or so psychologists tell us.

You may not realise it, but you will position your bed in a location where you can see the door but are not over-exposed. If the wooden bed frames can be viewed in their entirety from the doorway, you may feel too ‘open to attack’. This insecurity makes us less likely to place our bed too close to a window as well.

Of course, with a stylish reclaimed wood bed, you may want it admired and so placing it at a visible point that means its beauty is admired.

Bed in bedroom with wardrobe

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Superstitions and Customs

There are many superstitions and cultural customs that shape our sleep, including not sleeping with our feet facing the door.

In some cultures, showing the soles of your feet is rude. In other customs, this bed position is frowned upon because of the association of corpses being carried out feet first.

In some countries, the superstitions and cultures are so strong that even if the only logical place was to have the bed end facing the door, the bed would be placed across the available space.

If you don’t have such superstitions or cultural reasons, having your bed face a door can be a practical solution in your bedroom.

It’s About Comfort

There are many other wisdoms, conventions and superstitions that dictate or guide where we should put modern beds, such as enjoying the fantastic view from the bedroom window but, if you feel overlooked or spied on, then this is not a comfortable position.

bed in bedroom with large windows at modish living

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There are also guiding principles such as Feng Shui that help to align your bed for optimum romance and good fortune. There are also suggestions that aligning your bed with points of the compass also help for a better night’s sleep and so on. But if none of these solutions provide you with the comfort that you seek, you won’t get a great night’s sleep.

And there lies the solution – the placing of your bed is down to comfort. The comfort of you and your partner, if you share your bedroom space, as well as how the space can comfortably accommodate the dimensions of your bed and how it fits with the beautiful rustic bedroom furniture that accompanies it.

Browse the Modish Living collection of beds to choose the one which suits your needs and add a luxurious mattress for a match made in heaven. 

Achieve the rustic dining room of your dreams

The dining room is a multi-functional space. From informal dining to entertaining friends and family, the dining room needs to be stylish, yet comfortable and practical. The rustic style is essentially about raw materials, exposed brickwork, fantastic masonry on show and wood of all shades and hues. Reclaimed wood is a great choice because it comes packed with character and history.

If you are considering updating your dining room, the rustic style is easy and simple to accomplish, as well as being a classic, yet affordable look in your home. But how do you achieve it?

The Dining Table

Firstly, the centre of attention in the dining room must be the dining table. Rustic tables add an immediate impact. However, they come with all the trimmings that ‘modern’ dining sets offer such as an extendable English beam dining table that will work perfectly with any dining chair you choose.

English Beam Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

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Dining Chairs

Secondly, you need to add the dining chairs. In a modern family home, large and wide dining chairs can be too cumbersome, and take up too much space. Although they may look practical, the feeling is that they clutter the dining room, making the flow of life difficult in one of the most important rooms in the house.Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Extendable Trestle Table

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The charm of these slatted-back rustic chairs is that they offer rustic charm and appeal to the space. Use these with any of our dining tables or enjoy the delight of its matching rustic dining room table counterpart.

Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Dining Chairs

The rustic style can also be an opportunity to dispense with over-formality. We love the idea of using non-matching dining chairs or, a perfect solution for a busy, family dining room a reclaimed wood dining table with bench. Note the practical cutlery draw too.

Rustic Interior Design – Colours and Accessories

Supporting your rustic dining table, chairs and bench will be the remainder of the room. Accessories are the spotlights a room needs to place the emphasis of the key players.

As well exposing brick or stone work (seal it with a clear sealant to prevent excessive dust), introduce a range of accessories including a practical rustic sideboard.

Large Dorset Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

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Keep colours neutral. Whitewash walls in a practical, easy to keep clean white. Frame the room with fantastic rustic-style art that complements the theme, as well as injecting a little fun into the space.Grey Highlander Canvas Art for Wall

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For a hint of colour, not too strong nor overpowering, invest in a rug – contemporary or classic - that easily accommodates the reclaimed wood dining table and chairs.

The use of reclaimed wood furniture is an addition that is sure to create the rustic appeal you want, but without compromising on practicality or quality.

There is something delightful, familiar and appealing about the presence of wood in any room in the home but in the dining room especially. The rustic styled dining room lends itself perfectly for a Friday night take out and yet, it easily hosts a formal dinner party on Saturday too – allowing you to have a versatile and well styled space that works for you every day of the week.

What you must have in your dining room this Easter

Your dining room is often the hub of entertaining both family and friends. Whether you've created an open-plan kitchen dining room or you've held on to your separate dining room, we have a few tips for creating the perfect space for both quick, mid-week meals and dinner parties. 

Firstly, make sure there are enough seats for all your guests. Unless you are really tied to the space you're working with, think about the maximum amount of people you tend to invite for dinner at once. If you have the space, it's always handy to have a couple of extra chairs for potential unexpected guests too! Or choose a reclaimed wood dining bench. Perfect for seating more people, or little children and when you don't need it at the dining table you can place it in the hallway to bring a rustic charm.

Rustica Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

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An extendable reclaimed wood dining table is a great choice for any home. The extensions can be neatly stored for quick, mid-week meals but will also fit all your guests around with ease once pulled out. When you are finding a dining table for your space, think about how much space it will take up when extended. Will you still be able to comfortably move around it and fit dining chairs at each end?

Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table and Cream Chairs

A wine rack or a sideboard is perfect for storing all your dining room essentials, and plenty of drinks too! However, you can also use it as an extra space to display easter decorations and for popping extra serving dishes if you've run out of space on your table.

Chedworth Natural Wooden Wine Rack in Dining Room with Drinks

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Decorations are always key to finishing off a room and giving it personality. A contemporary painting or two on the walls is perfect for making a statement which can really be tailored to your personal style. If you don't have the real bunny for Easter, you can at least get the painting of a Hare! 

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Dress your table with with natural linens and, if you've chosen upholstered dining chairs, choose a similar fabric for these too. Finish with smaller decorations like a couple of dramatic candle holders and add gorgeous fresh flowers. For a fun, springtime injection of colour add a bright colour napkin to your table or add little flowers and place cards to each setting at the dinner table.

 Find more inspiration for your dining room on the Modish Living blog.