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How to implement these 5 interior design styles in your home

If you are looking for inspiration to create new look for your home, but aren’t sure about which style to adopt, then you need to know about these fantastic interior design styles and ideas. Here, we bring you a few tips on how to bring these popular trends into your home.

Industrial Look

The turn-of-the-century industrial era emphasised the liberal use of steel and distressed wooden furniture, along with exposed brick walls.

This is achievable in rooms and space across your home, including distressed-wood modern beds. Create a rugged effect but soften with softly draping, but clean-lined window dressings, along with rugs and cushions.

Industrial Lowry Reclaimed Wood Bar Table

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Nautical décor is a relaxing one, with warmth and an air of positivity to it, just like a day at the sea-side. The spirit of the sea is captured in many ways, and is the perfect style for capturing the urban modern style.

Think linear patterns, think blues and creams and think nautical patterns, from birds to anchors. Reclaimed wood is also welcomed in this style and with this modern dining table set, you can welcome the sea scape into your home, throughout the space.

Chilson Table and Bench Set in Dining room

Scandinavian Style

There is something delightful about the clean, minimalist lines of the Scandinavian style, but without lacking the warmth and texture that so many of us look for. Scandinavian pieces that fit perfectly within this style are balance engineered with organic materials, have a playful accent on colour and think smooth, rounded edges, rather than hard, angular lines.

Hudson Living Bergen Nest of Tables White

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And finally, the farmhouse style is a welcome trend in the urban modern style that so many of us covet. There is a warmth in its familiarity and is a style that is simple to replicate, easy to live with. It is truly practical and versatile.

Windsor Oak Farmhouse Extending Dining Table

Again, distressed wood furniture is the backbone of the style, as it is furniture that is simple to incorporate into the scheme. Think pastel colours with neutral tones on both walls and floors. Be romantic in your outlook, including accessories that are not overly fussy. And stick with natural materials as much as you can.

Mid-20th Century Modern

The mid-1900s provided some of the most iconic furniture design. New technologies gave rise to moulded plastics, plywood and aluminium furniture all perfect for the refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes popular in the period.

To keep your home looking fresh, mix in modern-day designs and pieces, such as bright coloured modern rugs.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug

In the end is about adding your own creative tastes and takes on styles of yesteryear - like plucking the best bits, and bolstering it with modern day textiles and furnishings to create a space that’s all your own.

How to spot an Industrial piece of furniture

Industrial furniture is an eye-catching contemporary style, with an environmental conscience. You can instantly spot an industrial piece of furniture, due to the rustic and robust appearance of the reclaimed timber, together with bold metal supports and legs. The surface of the wood features some marks, showing the character of where it was reclaimed from. Each piece is unique and hand crafted to combine the reclaimed wood top, together with welded recycled metal for the table legs. The sleek dark legs and supports are any repurposed metal object, pieces of robust iron or steel, or even pipes.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bench and Dining Table

Colour and texture

The colour of wood varies because some pieces are made from dark hard wood; others are elm or lighter. There are many unique options to suit your taste. You can easily create a homely statement as a centrepiece for your room. Textured reclaimed wood can be beams from old barns or demolition sites, which has become popular due to environmental concerns about waste and cutting down trees. For wood to be classed as reclaimed, it must have been previously used elsewhere. Salvaging the wood is a painstaking process to prevent damage. The wood requires a lot of processing to remove any metal nails, and to ensure it is free from mould or worms. 

Where to find industrial pieces

Here at Modish Living, we have a range of well-priced industrial pieces for your home. For examples, this reclaimed elm wood parquet industrial coffee table has impressive Industrial character, plenty of pattern and natural markings. There are also two drawers for storage with metal handles which draws your eye down to the dark metal legs.

Industrial Coffee table elm with storage drawersAlternatively, this distinctive elm industrial coffee table is perfect for a smaller space. This round design has a typically rustic finish. More unusually the table legs are made from flowing circles which really is an amazing feature.

Industrial reclaimed wood round coffee table

Price reflects hard work and dedication to creating beauty

There isn’t a high price point of reclaimed wood in itself. Nonetheless, the price of the furniture reflects the handmade skills of working with wood and metal, and the challenge of converting reclaimed wood into a unique piece of durable items of contemporary furniture. If you’re looking to find your ideal pieces of Industrial furniture, you’ll need to understand that are paying for beautiful unique characteristics of well-constructed pieces. Prices can range from £150+ for a bench, around £300 and up for a smaller table or to £1200+ for a large table.

Combination is key to unique décor

Industrial reclaimed wood furniture can be combined with other pieces from the same range or with other ranges to bring together the look of the entire home. For example, you could invest in a sideboard to be near your dining table; and then possibly a bookcase or console table, to create a co-ordinated Industrial theme and flow between your living areas.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Large Sideboard

The Lowry reclaimed wood Industrial table has plenty of character in the wood, from previous industrial use. This is ideal for a smaller area and a modest budget. The robust looking steel legs are a typical design of industrial pieces of furniture, but because they are at an angle, this makes it a more unusual piece.

Industrial-dining-chairs such as the Hyatt Industrial Vintage Cafe chairs are a cost-effective option for a set of homely handmade chairs. Vintage black matches the dark metal legs of industrial-reclaimed-wood furniture. Or an off-white colour would make an interesting talking point as a contrast.

Industrial style has never been so on trend. Why not look for a few industrial inspired pieces for your home now you know what to look for!

How is your dining: Industrial or Urban Modern?

A dining room is a great place to start when redecorating your home. As one of the most used rooms in the home, whether you’re entertaining guests or dining as a family, there are some great options for updating the room, allowing you to really put your stamp on it. But which look do you prefer? Industrial or Urban modern – and how do you go about getting it right. Here, we look at both trends, to see what would suit your dining space best.

Industrial dining rooms


An Industrial dining table is a must-have centre piece for your Industrial look. A distressed textured rustic appearance is characterised by the reclaimed wood table top, combined with dark matte metal table legs. Available space is a key factor, so make sure you measure up carefully to find a piece that will leave you enough room to get around the room. When it comes to colour, there are various shades of wood, whether you prefer contemporary light or darker wood.

Industrial Lowry Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table


Industrial dining chairs are usually vintage upcycled or vintage inspired. Many people opt for dark metal café style chairs – and these work extremely well if you like to mix up your décor – as they’ll usually go with almost any colour – as well as exposed brick if you prefer.

Hyatt Industrial Vintage Cafe Chairs (per set)

Of course, you may prefer retro wooden chairs with dark metal legs – and these can work equally as well in the industrial dining room. Many Industrial dining chairs are stackable for storage, ready for when you have guests. An Industrial-style chair could also be used in the bedroom, as could Industrial-style-lighting.


Industrial style lighting is an essential element of this interior design style, and it often involves black fittings with warm Edison light bulbs. The dark metal light fittings complement the robust dark metal furniture legs and supports and clusters of pendants give a fantastic appearance. Metal piping can also form the structure of your ceiling or wall lighting, and you could have a bespoke pipe wall light, which doubles up as book shelving. Many repurposed dark metal studio lighting structures make for conversation pieces – perfect if conversation dries up at a dinner party! Popular black angle-poise task lamps may be vintage or vintage-inspired, which could also be handy for the bedroom.

Indiana pendat light industrial

Urban Modern Dining Rooms

Many people prefer modern furniture for the dining room, and love the versatility of the smoother Urban Modern look. Modern furniture, when compared to industrial, looks more minimalist and neutral in colour. The Urban Modern look may include a subtle variation of Industrial style lighting but you may combine your existing furniture with new pieces of modern furniture with a sharp smooth finish. Urban Modern is an interior design technique which can make different pieces work well together, and fuses inspiration from complementary and edgy opposing design traits.

Restaurant chic

The Urban Modern dining style is similar to many restaurants, which means you can bring some of this cosmopolitan atmosphere into your home. Modern dining table sets typically have a smooth sleek finish, with the chairs matching the table. The table top could be marble or any neutral coloured shiny surface or you may love light smoothly finished wood, together with contrasting table legs, which match the chairs. Metal accents on modern dining table sets are usually polished – pulling together the whole look exceptionally well.

Chilson Dining Table and Bench Set


Modern rugs easily fit in with the Urban Modern style. There seems to be an infinite variety of geometric designs and more adventurous bold designs to choose from – so the only limit here is your imagination. You may have more neutral colours in your Urban Modern dining area for the décor, but there is no need to stick to grey and neutral colours for the rug. Be as daring as you like for a contrasting colourful rug for either your bedroom or dining area. Use your creative flair to choose something out of the ordinary and watch your guest marvel at your good taste!

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Blue Night

Industrial and Urban Modern styles are very contemporary, yet different in appearance, and naturally both forms of interior design suit different tastes. If you find the right pieces, you can add personality and texture by creating an Industrial dining area full of character and with an environmental conscience. Or, find inspiration from perfect modern-furniture for a sharper, cosmopolitan Urban Modern look. Either way your choices will look fantastic!