Get the look – the industrial rustic office

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

Industrial rustic is a pleasing landscape in the office. We often think as workspaces as being utilitarian and functional because, we can’t have anything distracting us can we, as we toil at our desk?

Leave the corporate look behind, the barren landscape of matchy-matchy furniture and welcome the industrial rustic look to your home office with reclaimed wood furniture. And here’s how.

The key elements


Natural materials sum up this look, sitting side-by-side with the coolness of steel or aluminium. It can be a highly polished, mirrored stainless steel or it can be the dark, broodiness of black steel.

But don’t think that means waving goodbye to colour either.


The Oldman industrial desk is one of our best sellers because not only is it functional and stylish, but it is made to measure and customisable too. Choose your frame size and colour and there you have it – your own piece of unique industrial office furniture.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

With your home desk in situ, you need an office chair that is comfortable for you. Fortunately, there are many examples of stylish industrial rustic office chairs too, where the chic coolness of leather meets metal.


The remainder of the office landscape also needs to serve a purpose, whilst retaining the industrial rustic style.

We are often taught in school and college that a workplace setting should be ordered and tidy because a tidy desk signifies a tidy mind. So what does an empty desk signify?

Creativity knows no bounds. Slowly, we learn that what matters most in our work is us, our creativity and how the office environment supports us and our work.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bokcase

Alongside your wooden desk, an industrial rustic display unit is perfect for your files and books, but don’t be too ordered. Cluster your books in ‘unkempt piles’, enjoy a plant or three in your office too, their lush greenery picking up the tempo of the industrial rustic style.

Allow your creativity to flow and that means not hiding everything away or trying to be ordered, with everything in its ‘proper’ place.


The reasons why the industrial rustic home office style has remained so very popular are many and varied. There is a growing range of industrial home office furniture from which to choose, its quality and stylish credentials no longer in doubt.

But it is the fact that as styles go, the industrial rustic look us unique from one person to the next. Eclectic it may be, but it is not overly quirky meaning its ‘shelf life’ as a style scheme is short.

Industrial style furniture itself can be found in different colours and finishes, as can the colour scheme of industrial rustic office space.

Opt for cool neutrals or even a light grey. Or go all out, opting for an earthy green or dramatic navy. The Pantone colour of the year 2018, Ultra Violet could work too.

From one room to another

It is also a style that moves seamlessly from one room to another. The display unit in the office would look equally as stunning in the living room, or the industrial sideboard would make for a fantastic office cupboard.

Who doesn’t love the versatility of the industrial rustic style?