What colours go best with industrial design

What colours go best with industrial design

industrial dining table in dark industrial style kitchen

When you envision industrial design, what do you see? You may instantly think of old factory spaces and abandoned buildings with stripped back walls and exposed duct pipes. Well, you wouldn’t be far wrong, because that’s exactly where the interior style evolved from. Over time, the industrial design has evolved from its historical roots and old world charm to today’s more modern expression, making it the most versatile and adaptable trend for your home. Whether you prefer light and airy pastels, or earthy and nature-inspired colour schemes, you can now add a contemporary and cool feel to almost any space with some industrial furniture and our top styling tips.

Back to basics

industrial desk with grey office swivel chair

For a more traditional and classic approach to the industrial style, sharp contrasts between black and white interiors pair well with the edginess and rawness of industrial furniture. In your home office, an industrial style desk looks fantastic with this sophisticated colour palette, where the simplicity allows the space to feel modern, but also creates a clear and calming environment for you to work in. The Standford Industrial Wood Desk will add a little style to your 9 to 5 and the sturdy design will also leave you spoilt for storage space. Hang a large black steel clock on the wall or add some metal shelves to complete your sleek study. This minimalistic style also looks great in other rooms, including bathrooms to give them a fresh and functional feel.

Dark and moody

industrial style living room with dark walls

If you are drawn to a more moody industrial vibe, a dark interior will appeal to your sense of style. Darker colour schemes such as rich dusty blues with an exposed brick wall create an on-trend canvas for you to work with. Lighting within this type of room is key as it’s important to keep the room well lit to avoid a dingy feeling. For your living room, consider a vintage-style black steel chandelier to add immediate drama or pendant style lighting for a casual feel. In the centre of your space, a nest of tables or an industrial coffee table will create an interesting focal point. Our Derby Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table boasts a trendy look with its weathered repurposed wood top and slim black steel base, which will complement your dark industrial interior effortlessly.

Back to the roots

green industrial style kitchen

Earthy and nature-inspired colour schemes work exceptionally well with the industrial style. Olive green, brown or deep taupe open plan kitchens pair perfectly with a reclaimed wood industrial dining table, the combination of recycled materials harmonise seamlessly with the natural interior. Pair with our Standford tan leather dining chairs to give more texture to your space and complete the raw and authentic feel of your industrial dining set. For a more subtle take on the trend, opt for hardened black metal utensil storage, reclaimed shelves or a wine cooler for an impressive and eye-catching feature.

industrial oak dining table with black steel spider leg and tan leather dining chairs

Pretty pastels

pink bedroom with solid wood bed and exposed brick wall

Not all industrial design spaces need to feel unfinished, delicate and subdued pastels provide a perfect backdrop for a contemporary scheme when layered with industrial details. Pale and pretty pastels such as powder pink tiles in your kitchen or bathroom paired with black metal taps or towel rails create a softened take on the industrial style. If you want to embrace the style in your bedroom, complement industrial features with layers of soft and muted textures and tones to create the bedroom of your dreams. Loft style rustic bedroom furniture can be styled with a variety of pastel hues within your bedding to dress down the heaviness of the wood and achieve a more feminine take on the trend. Finish with grey or black metal storage baskets or duct pipe clothes rails to style the pastels of your choice.

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5 of our best industrial dining tables and chairs

5 of our best industrial dining tables and chairs

industrial dining table with grey faux leather dining chairs

Industrial interior design, and more specifically industrial furniture, is a trend that has been growing over the years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. While it is a very popular choice for many rooms in the home, it is the dining space where the industrial interior scheme can really come through in so many ways.

What is industrial design?

Industrial style furniture is a concept that is inspired by the robust nature of the materials and machinery that are normally associated with a warehouse or factory. The look is all about the raw materials that are used, with metals and rustic wood featuring heavily alongside neutral colours and robust features.

1. Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Whether you are looking for a fixed top or extendable dining table, the Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is a fantastic choice that is full of character and our bestselling industrial dining table. The distressed black steel legs make this table the perfect complement to any modern interior. This table is stunning when paired with wooden dining chairs and matching industrial dining benches.

standford industrial dining table with wooden dining bench

2. Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood Dining Table

This industrial dining table is the perfect combination of richly coloured sustainable Mango wood and stunning three-point slim brass strip legs. The Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood Dining Table is an incredibly stylish table that pairs really well with fabric dining chairs like the beautiful Gillian Teal Velvet Dining Chairs.

mango wood dining table with blue velvet dining chairs

3. Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining table

It isn’t difficult to see why the Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is a popular choice of industrial style dining table. This robust reclaimed wood dining table is not only sturdy, but features all of those characteristics of reclaimed wood that make it unique. The black steel spider legs are a clever design feature that makes this table ideal for seating larger numbers. This table pairs really well with the Cleo faux leather dining chairs, which come in both grey and tan.

industrial style dining table with brown and grey faux leather dining chairs

4. Mitcham Industrial Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

The central black spider leg of the Mitcham Industrial Oak Spider Leg Dining Table is a really eye-catching feature that makes this table stand out. It is a great choice for those who love to entertain, allowing easy sitting with no awkward table legs to get in the way. The Standford brown leather dining chairs are modern dining chairs that pair really nicely with this contemporary industrial table.

industrial oak dining table with tan leather dining chairs

5. Picasso Industrial Oak Dining Table

If a rustic dining table is what you are looking for then the Picasso Industrial Oak Dining Table is a perfect choice. The angled black steel legs give this table a contemporary industrial twist. Faux leather dining chairs like the Martin Faux Leather Dining Chairs which come in grey or brown make a great match.

industrial style dining table with brown faux leather dining chairs

Remember when you purchase a dining table from Modish Living, we also offer a 10% discount on dining chairs that are purchased at the same time. This is the best way to purchase a dining table and helps to ensure that the chairs you choose will be the perfect partnership.

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    How to create a stunning bedroom with a reclaimed wood bed

    Reclaimed solid wood bed with pink and green covers

    solid wood bed in reclaimed wood with yellow and orange covers

    A reclaimed solid wood bed frame truly is a thing of pure beauty, so why would you not want one in your bedroom? Not only does one look beautiful but it’s an eco-friendly choice and goes with all type of interior schemes. You don’t have to limit your look to just rustic. With the right styling, reclaimed wood furniture can blend with modern, traditional or classic interiors, whether that’s in the living room, dining room or bedroom, which is what we’re going to focus on here.

    A statement bed

    The Onslow bedroom furniture collection comes in many different styles, finishes and sizes. Each and every solid wooden bed, wooden chest of drawers and nightstand is handmade to order, right here in the UK, so of course, a bed crafted will so much skill and care should and will be a focal point in your bedroom. With a statement bed, we think you should decorate around it to ensure your reclaimed wood furniture really is the star of the room.

    But, just because your bed has been crafted using old salvaged wood it doesn’t mean you can’t go modern and create a light and airy bedroom – a simple, relaxing sleep sanctuary that lulls you into a peaceful slumber each night. Keep the walls a crisp white and stick with white for window dressings – sheer nets that flutter in a gentle breeze on warm summer evenings and natural white curtains.

    Best colours with a reclaimed wood bed

    Now you can personalise your blank canvas! As we are working with natural wood you can bring in greens and shades of brown in the form of bedding, houseplants, wall art, mats and rugs. These will all give your bedroom an earthy, chic Boho vibe. However, brighter and fresher hues also pair beautifully with a rustic bed – pinks, purples, Pantone’s new Very Peri also bring out the beauty in the aged wood. If you really wanted to go all-out white, choose a white wooden bed and painted furniture to create an ethereal mood.

    reclaimed solid wood bed frame with pink covers

    Opt for a dark and cosy room if you like to feel cocooned in your bedroom. Again the bed is the star of your bedroom. You can still keep your walls a clean white but if you have a dark wood floor opt for a darker wood bed and choose darker bedding, curtains and rugs. The gorgeous solid wooden headboard of the Onslow Reclaimed Wood Bed is guaranteed to catch the eye every time someone walks into the room. Layer the bedding on a wooden king size bed and include throws and cushions that contrast the main bed set to give the room a designer look.

    An industrial style bed

    solid wooden bed with dark blue painted wood panelling

    Some of us prefer the cool and functional industrial look and with good reason, it’s a perennial trend that never loses its cool. You can bring in a few industrial elements or go all out and embrace loft-style sleeping. This look again requires lots of natural materials like bare brick, wood and metal. The industrial look is a strong look so it can be softened by using bedding – this is a great way to mix rustic industrial with luxurious elements and embrace contrasts in your bedroom. Velvet is another fabric you can use to blend with an industrial theme to give your room sumptuous warmth – whether that be curtains, scatter cushions or a small armchair for reading.

    Share your ideas

    Do you have a reclaimed wood bed in your bedroom? Tell us your styling tips in the comment box below or share photos of your sleep sanctuary @modishliving.

    Top tips to successfully mix metals in the home

    top tips to mix metals in the home blog

    industrial dining table with gold metal legs

    Want to give your home the wow factor? Whether you prefer modern or rustic furniture, a sure-fire way to elevate the interior of your home is by adding a sparkling array of mixed metal accents. And you don’t have to be an interior designer to get it right. From glittering gold to burnished bronze, polished silver to powder-coated steel, a mix of metals will help make your home shine. Here we set out some top tips for styling metals in your home.

    How to mix metals in your home

    Going for Gold

    For all-out glamour, gold will bring a certain uncontested decadence into your home. Gold is timeless and can effortlessly transform a room with its connotations of luxury and class. A rustic coffee table with a gold metal frame, for example, is a great way to add a chic twist to a traditional piece of rustic furniture. We love how the Chelwood Nordic Reclaimed Wood Console Table really catches your eye with its rustic beauty, whilst the straightforward design maintains its character and charm. If you’re worried about having too much bling, why not introduce subtle gold accents in the form of gold ornaments, lighting or gold detailing on cushions and throws – we’re talking grandeur here, not gaudy. When it comes to colours, gold is a precious metal that can really shine when styled with shadowy neutrals or warm shades – think comforting rusty oranges and reddish tones. If you prefer cooler shades, create a serene environment with plenty of interest by paring gold accents or furniture with cooler jewel tones such as emerald greens and sapphire blues.

    Hi-ho Silver

    For an elegant and polished look that never goes out of style, you can’t go wrong with silver. We love how the sleek silver metal base on our best-selling Standford Large Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table adds instant sophistication to this piece of reclaimed wood furniture, whereas the texture and rugged nature of the wood brings a balance to the flashiness of the metal. To complete the look or gradually integrate silver into your home, you can use silver accessories such as candle holders, vases or hanging clocks to add a sparkle to any room. Like gold, silver is also a precious metal that can truly shine in many types of interior schemes. It will enhance bold colour schemes such as majestic purple, crimson red, royal blue or deep sea green, and whilst it will add shine, it won’t take your attention away from the richness of the colour. Pastel colours however do just the opposite, particularly pinks, blues and mint greens, which work well to embrace and complement the metallic qualities of silver.


    Bold as Brass

    If you are looking to add a subtle pop of metal to a room, brass is great for quietly elevating an interior that oozes opulence and style. Burnished or matte brass pairs superbly with reclaimed wood furniture, but we also love how the warm and earthy tones of brass complement the golden hues of mango wood furniture. Our Ashington Mango Wood Dining Table with it’s X-shaped end frame is a great example of how mango wood creates such a lovely design. Alternatively, you may want to opt for brass accessories such as doorknobs, art frames or mirrors, which are also great for adding a subtle but modish look to your home. To create an art-deco feel, you might consider pairing brass accessories or statement pieces with dark and bold colour schemes such as a deep turquoise or a rich grey. For lighter interiors, it can also complement pastel colours beautifully. Baby pinks or pistachio greens paired with brass help create a pretty and softer aesthetic.

    pastel coloured bedroom with brass hanging pendant light and bedside light

    Matte le Black

    Matte black steel is the metal for you if you want to add a contemporary and urban feel to your space. The industrial style takes inspiration from when we began converting old warehouses into living spaces and has become an increasingly popular design trend since. Key and statement industrial furniture pieces such as our Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table and industrial sideboard can help you easily achieve this raw aesthetic in your home. The rough sawn wood combined with matte black steel frame and handles create the perfect juxtaposition of modern and vintage materials. If you wish to achieve a cohesive industrial look, we would suggest exposed brick walls, a statement vintage sofa and industrial-style accessories such as pendant lights, lampshades or metal clocks. However, the beauty of the industrial look is that you can mix it with other styles. You can truly embrace a minimalist design and simply accessorise with black steel ceiling lights or pipework style shelves to achieve the authentic stripped-back style or take a prettier approach and blend muted colours and soft textures into your scheme.



    Get some more inspiration…

    How to style chairs with your industrial dining table

    Industrial dining table with faux leather dining bench

    Photo: Rocco Spider Leg Dining Table with Lansford Dining Chairs

    The dining table in your dining space really has to be the star and an industrial style dining table with its mix of reclaimed wood and cool steel or dark metal is a timeless and stand-out choice that fits in all styles of homes. But it’s all well and good having a striking industrial dining table, but what seating should you choose to put around it?

    First and foremost you have to look at the space available in your dining room – if the space is small, imposing dining chairs will make it look cluttered. Ideally, you need a minimum of one metre around your table to place chairs and allow people to move freely. It’s also worth considering if the dining chairs can fully tuck under the table when not in use to maximise the space, as well as allowing space for a wooden sideboard and other dining space storage.

    Industrial is an unpretentious and laid-back style that places function ahead of aesthetics and there are lots of different styles of dining chairs to pick from. Let’s look at what type fits this timeless table best…

    Keep it industrial with faux leather dining chairs with metal legs

    Grey faux leather dining chairs with industrial table

    Photo: Cleo Faux Leather Dining Chairs with Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Dining Table

    This option keeps the industrial theme going, but you can choose from a whole range of seat styles depending on your own personal preference and the size of the room. From an elegant thin metal leg to a more chunky industrial dining chair, with or without armrests. A bonus is that faux leather is vegan-friendly and the quality is so good today it is hard to distinguish them from a real leather dining chair…..apart from the cost, of course! Another huge plus with faux leather chairs is that they are wipe clean – perfect for wiping off any spillages or of course, little sticky fingerprints.

    Room for everyone with dining benches

    industrial dining table with faux leather industrial bench

    Photo: Cleo Grey Faux Leather Corner Dining Bench and Low Dining Bench with Standford Industrial Dining Table.

    Dining benches have come a long way since the medieval days! They are as popular in traditional farmhouse style kitchens as they are in elegant and sleek dining rooms. A reclaimed wood dining bench with industrial legs will always be a perfect match for an industrial dining table, add a cushion or two and a small throw and it will look like something straight out of a designer magazine. If you choose a dining bench with no back it will also make your dining area appear bigger as there is no back of the chairs breaking the space up. As mentioned above they are also a great way to squeeze a few extra guests around the table.

    A faux leather dining bench is also a good option, especially if you need people to squeeze up a bit from time to time, to make an extra bit of room around the table.

    Add some soft velvet contrast to the industrial look

    industrial dining table with blue velvet dining chairs

    Photo: Knightsbridge Velvet Dining Chairs with Knightbridge Industrial Dining Table

    Industrial style does not have to be solely about thick black chunky legs, it can also be an elegant take on this loft-living interior style. Pair sumptuously upholstered dining chairs with a polished metal or slim coated steel to your industrial or reclaimed wood dining table to glam up your dining space and add a softening contrast. A velvet dining chair in a rich colour will brighten the space, such as blue, green or even yellow. If you prefer something more classic stick to neutrals hues, such as cream, taupe or a soft grey. And of course, always think about who will be sitting on the chairs before making a purchase. Fabric chairs may not be the best choice if you have young children with permanently sticky fingers, but if you enjoy hosting dinner parties with friends and like to linger around the table into the early hours, an upholstered chair would be a very comfortable choice. If you’re worried about how to look after your upholstered dining chairs think about the colour and texture and what works best in your home.

    If you enjoyed reading this, check out more of our Ideas & Inspirations or come and be social with us @modishliving.

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    bold dining tables for a striking dining space

    5 Bold Dining Tables for a striking dining space

    Make a statement

    Just landed: New reclaimed industrial furniture for loft style living

    Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

    Loft style living is a perennial trend that just gets cooler with age and our latest collection of industrial furniture, Ironbridge, is a classic take on this ever popular interior scheme. With a mix of cool industrial steel and 100% FSC certified reclaimed wood you can guarantee each piece has individual character, history and natural beauty. Discover more from the new Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Furniture collection and let yourself fall in love with industrial living…

    industrial style dining tables

    Industrial style dining table

    An industrial dining table is always a crowd pleaser and here we have two different styles of industrial dining room tables to tempt you with. First off, there is the Ironbridge Industrial Extending Reclaimed Wood Dining Table that as the name suggests, has the added benefit of being extendable – did someone say dinner party? The wooden extendable dining table is crafted from solid reclaimed wood full of unique knots, grains, splits and proof of its previous use, whilst the sturdy black metal X shaped legs at either end of the table, along with exposed metal bolts, elevate the industrial mood in an instance. We love the smooth butterfly mechanism of this extendable table stored within the table itself, making quick and light work when you want to extend.

    Next we have the Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with an eye-catching central solid star-shaped black steel leg. This design detail marries perfectly with the rustic top of the reclaimed dining table bringing together the two key elements that typically make up the industrial style – wood and metal. It’s also great if you love to entertain by removing troublesome table legs and allowing more seats to fit around the table.

    reclaimed wood dining table with black steel cross-shaped legs

    To finish the industrial look check-out the Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed wooden dining bench. With the same style legs as the fixed top dining table, it looks equally as smart with the wooden extendable dining table. Or why not mix and match your seating with the Ironbridge dining tables and combine industrial style faux leather dining chairs with the dining bench? If you’re not sure what will work best, take a peek of our blog on what chairs go best with an industrial dining table for some expert advice.

    Style tip: Industrial style is all about functionality so you can soften the look in the accessories and decorative pieces you choose for your room.

    Lofty industrial storage

    As you would expect from reclaimed furniture the wood bears beautiful markings and nail holes to give a hint about its previous life and with exposed nuts and joints the industrial look is embraced yet further. Any of the tables from this collection will make a style statement in your dining space.

    industrial sideboard with three cupboards and black metal handles

    The Ironbridge industrial furniture collection makes storage sexy…… honestly! Available in the collection are two storage essentials for the dining and living rooms – an industrial sideboard and an industrial tv unit. What we love about both pieces is the genuine rustic vibe they ooze. The Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed wood sideboard features plenty of storage in three tall and deep cupboards, but it’s the facade of the doors that will catch your interest. The beautiful reclaimed wood has been set in an attractive X pattern that is part industrial, part farmhouse, creating an interesting mix of styles.

    industrial tv unit with two drawers and table lamp on top

    For the living space or an open plan family room, the Ironbridge industrial TV stand will fit right in. It has everything you would expect from a stylish yet practical piece of reclaimed wood furniture. Two long open shelves and two drawers for hidden storage – the drawer handles and unit legs are black steel to continue the industrial feel, whilst the classic modern design make it a timeless addition.

    Discover the full Ironbridge Industrial collection here or for some more interior ideas and inspiration, see all our blogs.

    We’d love to know what you think about our new Ironbridge Industrial collection. Share your thoughts and ideas of how to style it on Instagram!

    Tips and tricks to create a pet friendly living room

    Tips and tricks to create a pet friendly living room blog

    Did you know Sunday the 20th of February is National Love Your Pet Day? It will come as no surprise that we are truly a nation of animal lovers with around 59% of UK households estimated to have pets in 2021. That’s quite a jump from 45% back in 2011. Our lovely pets are part of the family and share our homes, but what with them having four legs, a lot more hair (and fur!) than most of us and a tendency for muddy paws, sharing our living spaces needs a bit more consideration. In this blog, we look at a few ideas to create a harmonious living space that works for both you and your pampered pooch…

    dog sitting next to a wood burner for tips and tricks to create a pet-friendly living room

    Help make your living room people and pet-friendly

    1. Choose fabrics carefully

    Ideally you need fabrics that are tough and durable – leather, faux leather, smooth synthetics and microfibers as well as outdoor fabrics like canvas are ideal and can look stylish when styled well. A tan leather sofa or a faux leather couch is a good choice as it can be easily wiped clean of mucky paws, plus they’re strong enough to withstand small scratches – a weathered 2 seater sofa vintage brown leather may even look more at home with a few lived-in marks and scratches. Another great option is to have removable covers on your sofa that can be machine washed along with cosy blankets and cushions – just make sure to steer clear of cushions made from delicate fabric, such as silk.

    Now, you may think velvet as a fabric is a definite no-no when it comes to pets, but don’t be too quick to discard it. Some velvet is not as delicate as you might first assume! It can actually be very resistant to wear and tear and animal fur can easily be brushed off – so a velvet armchair is a good choice for both you and your pet to curl up on!

    brown leather sofa with grey cat

    If you really don’t want your pets on the sofa, but want them close to you, how about placing their bed on the sofa? Or maybe a large footstool with a blanket or throw that be washed? This way they can be part of the family movie night without any risk of making a mess in the living room. Cats and dogs love to curl up in front of a fire, so this is an obvious place to add a pet bed to your living room – they will get used to lying on it pretty quickly!

    Preston Footstool- Mineral

    2. Think about flooring

    The type of flooring you have in your living room is important if you have pets in the home. If you have a small dog and usually walk them on pavements then you will most likely get away with a carpeted floor possibly with a rug or two where they walk across to their bed. However, as a rule, carpet is best avoided when cats and dogs are part of the family.

    Tiled floors are best when it comes to being washable but can feel a bit cold for pets and humans alike, especially in a living room in the UK. A hardwood floor or engineered wood are best options – with some washable rugs for added warmth. Another flooring worth considering is vinyl. Durable, waterproof and cost effective, vinyl has come a long way since the orange incarnations of the ’70s and can be purchased in planks to replicate a wood or tile floor, as well as a range or different styles and patterns. You can even get antimicrobial vinyl flooring that hinders the growth of bacteria.

    bulldog of living room floor for tips and tricks for a pet friendly living room

    3. Pick furniture best for two and four legs

    Furniture style is also an important consideration and not just when you factor in scratching and chewing. If you have a larger dog with a waggy tail think about the height of your furniture. Your gorgeous rustic coffee table with books, ornaments and a small vase expertly styled on top may look perfect in the centre of your living room, but one swipe from an excited tail and it’s ruined. Wooden side tables are generally a bit higher than coffee tables, so a couple of these at the ends of your sofa may be a better solution. Or you can position a wooden sideboard or rustic console table against a wall in your living room to use as a spot to add your stylish ornaments and drinks on – the higher surface is a safer bet to prevent any four-legged accidents.

    4. Industrial furniture – a pet-friendly solution

    Reclaimed wood furniture is a favourite in the living room, but its tactile quality is also admired by claws and fangs! If you don’t want to worry about your pets scratching or ruining your rustic furniture, solid industrial style furniture is a sturdy and perfect compromise as it mostly features wonderful powder-coated steel legs and feet that are less interesting to pets. They are very unlikely to get much satisfaction from scratching (or chewing) metal legs and less likely to knock it over in moments of excitement!

    industrial style furniture with brown leather sofa

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    9 of our Best Extendable Dining Tables

    Rustic style dining room with a reclaimed wooden trestle table

    If after the festive period you feel like you could have done with a bigger dining table then maybe it’s time to invest in an extendable dining room table. If you love to entertain then a wooden extendable dining table really is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can have in your dining space. It offers you the best of all worlds – a dining table that is just the right size for day-to-day mealtimes and life, but one that can be easily extended when you’re having a gathering of friends or family. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 best extendable dining tables for you to decide from..

    1. Derby Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

    reclaimed wood dining table with black painted legs

    Contemporary, industrial, rustic and Nordic, this stunning 100% FSC-certified reclaimed dining table will add style and charm to any dining space. We love everything about this industrial style dining table, from the rustic wood full of history, natural markings and rustic imperfections to the contrasting sleek wooden black painted legs. The pale finish to the wood gives this rustic dining table a fresh feel that would fit with either modern furniture, rustic furniture or industrial furniture. Perfect for adding a statement in your dining space, the wooden extendable dining table extends to 220cm long via a butterfly extension leaf stored under the table, providing ample seating for larger dinner parties and gatherings. A wonderful example of how reclaimed wood furniture can be chic and modern. Pair with an dining bench or a dining chair set with metal legs for a cohesive rustic industrial look in your dining space.

    2. Standford Reclaimed Wood extendable dining table

    The perfect industrial dining table for those born to entertain. Its smooth butterfly extending mechanism is cleverly concealed within the tabletop, making it a breeze to open up, whilst the rugged reclaimed wood and black metal frame make a chic and functional statement in any dining space.

    3. Skyline Reclaimed Wood Extending Round Dining Table

    This Skyline Extending Round Dining Table offers versatility and elegance. Its circular design is perfect for intimate meals, and when extended, it comfortably accommodates additional guests. The reclaimed wood top and sturdy base provide a durable, stylish surface for any occasion.

    With stylish dining chairs, you can be ready to entertain at the drop of a hat!

    4. Branford Oak Extending Dining Table

    This minimalist solid oak dining table, the Branford Oak Extending Dining Table is crafted from the finest solid oak and oak veneers, creating the ultimate contemporary aesthetic that embodies the essence of Nordic interior design. The perfect addition to any dining space, this oak table combines a modern design with functionality. Featuring clean lines, smooth curved corners and tapered legs, the simple shape of this modern extendable dining table is both modern and timeless, whilst the natural hues in the oak wood have a pale palette that is typical of the Nordic style. This goes perfectly with our Faux leather dining chairs

    5. Soho Extending Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

    Bring a contemporary rustic mood to your dining space with this stylish reclaimed soho dining table with distressed dark stained legs. The Soho Extending Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is a wonderful mix of old and new. By marrying a character-rich reclaimed wood top with simple modern lines and contrasting tones, this wooden extendable dining table is a rustic classic that will never lose its style. Available in two sizes with the extension handily concealed within the table top and operated by a simple butterfly mechanism, this soho dining table is perfect for both small and spacious dining spaces. Pair with other pieces of reclaimed wood furniture from the Soho collection for a charming modern rustic scheme. 

    6. Madeline Extending Dining Table

    Designed to offer a ‘new traditional’ look with its timeless elegant style with a modern touch, this stunning Madeline Extending Dining Table will add a sophisticated look to a room. The exquisite dark salvaged coffee coloured Mindy wood veneers and marquetry are complemented by the solid Mindy wood turned spindle legs. For added practicality the table features butterfly center leaves, so it can be extended to seat up to 10 people.

    7. Kendrick Extending Dining Table

    Designed to offer a ‘new traditional’ look with its timeless elegant style with a modern touch, this stunning Kendrick Extending Dining Table will add a sophisticated look to a room. The beautiful marquetry in a stunning rich tonal mid brown Mindy wood solids & veneers features inlaid book-matched details for an elegantly refined look. For added practicality the table has butterfly center leaves, so it can be extended to seat up to 10 people.

    8. Worcester extendable dining table

    This is the reclaimed wood dining table you are looking for if you love to fill your home with the light and minimalist vibe of Scandi design with a rustic twist. Perfect for smaller spaces and homes, the extension leaf is concealed inside the table meaning all you need are some classic modern dining chairs to complete the look.

    9. Branford Round Extending Dining Table – Oak

    Made from the finest solid oak in a washed finish for practicality and functionality. This Branford Round Extending Dining Table features an easy to use butterfly mechanism and tapered legs. This table cleverly extends from 110cm to 165cm comfortably seating 6 people.

    Which would be your choice? For more of our extending dining tables see our collection of reclaimed wood, rustic and industrial wooden dining tables with extending options.

    If you like what you’re reading and want to read more see our blog journal for product news and interior ideas and inspiration.

    Our 2021 best selling rustic furniture of the year

    our 2021 best selling rustic furniture of the year

    As we come to the end of 2021, it’s time to reflect over the past year before we start anew. To ensure we are offering you the type of rustic furniture and reclaimed wood furniture you most covet, we look back at your most popular pieces of the year. From industrial dining tables to bedroom furniture let’s see just what your homes are proudly wearing.

    industrial dining table with wooden dining bench and wooden dining chairsStandford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

    Dining Tables

    Dining tables are once again our top sellers. The popularity of the Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table continues to rise – it looks as good as a contrast piece in a modern urban home as it does in a loft or rustic cottage. The Farringdon reclaimed wood extendable trestle table is particularly popular with families who are seeking a chunky solid wooden extendable dining table. This table looks especially great with the matching wooden dining bench – a practical choice if you like to entertain with room to fit more guests around the table. Another wooden table with bench that needs a mention is the Lansdowne Industrial. With plenty of other pieces in the collection including a wooden sideboard, with just these items you have set a stylish foundation for your dining room theme.

    brown leather dining chairs with black metal legsStandford Brown Leather Dining Chairs

    Dining Chairs

    When you are looking for seating for your dining room then the classic soft tan leather Standford is your top choice. These leather dining room chairs combine comfort with an industrial style that will complement many different interior styles and colour schemes. Perfect if you’re looking for a more rustic look the Allegro chairs were another top pick for the stylish dining room. Those of you who were looking for a vegan option fell head over heels with our Cleo faux leather seating collection – with benches and bar stools available as well as the faux leather dining chairs, all offered in tan or grey – we weren’t at all surprised to see this at the top of the list.

    Bedroom Furniture

    The Dulwich reclaimed wood solid bed frame is a classic rustic bed that continues to be the popular choice. Many different styles are available but all feature a solid wooden headboard that has been handcrafted right here in the UK from reclaimed beams, which are often over 100 years old. As well as the Dulwich range our Winchester and Chelwood reclaimed wood collections also proved to be a bedroom essential in your homes. A reclaimed wood table at your bedside was your bedroom furniture piece of choice, adding not just essential storage, but warmth and character than only reclaimed wood can.

    Living room furniture

    Along with the ever-popular industrial dining table from the Standford collection many of you have decided to opt for an industrial look in the living room too. Our wooden sideboard from the Standford Industrial collection as well as the industrial coffee table have been popular choices throughout the year. Industrial furniture is so versatile – it can blend into any interior scheme and can be softened to create a warm inviting living space. A modern country scheme has also proved desirable this year, with our Chelwood reclaimed wood TV unit being one of our best selling living room furniture picks this year.
    We’ve brought you are best sellers, now take a look at what our most read blogs of 2021 were. If you missed them, see our inspiration and ideas to discover some great tips and advice.