Get your home Christmas-ready like a pro

It's getting really close to Christmas now! Are you ready? With most of your gift shopping finished and wrapped (hopefully!) by now, it's time to turn to other matters, the home.  Now is a great time to get the home organised and have a sort out, ready to make room for the lovely new gifts you may receive. Take a look at what you can do now to make your home merry and bright all year long.

In the kid's bedrooms

white wooden wardrobe with matching wooden bed frame

Clothes are a popular gift choice for children, so have a sort out in their wardrobe or even upgrade to a bigger solid wood wardrobe if you need more storage. Go through old jumpers, jeans and t-shirts to donate or recycle to make way for new clothes. It's highly likely they will acquire a stash of new toys too, so we suggest you take an hour or two with them to sort through their wooden toy box to make room. We suggest three piles - one: can definitely go, two: can maybe go and three: the keepers! If you have a children's dressing table in your daughter's room or a reclaimed wood desk then sort through the drawers and have a declutter. Give any unwanted toys to charity or school raffles - your child may have outgrown their cars or dolls, but there will be plenty of children who would love to give them a new home.

In the dining room

The dining room a place that tends to accumulate items - packs of paper serviettes with a few left in them, serving plates and bowls that you no longer use. Now is the time to sort through and check what you have and what you need to buy or replace. Maybe treat yourself to some new linen napkins or a festive table runner, perfect for a rustic dining table? Maybe you want to get some new Christmas serving platters? If you have an industrial sideboard then why not add some festive decorations to the top to continue the Christmas theme.

industrial dining table in reclaimed wood with wooden sideboard and Christmas tree

In the hallway

This is the place you and your guests see first, so you want it to look its best. If you have a hallway storage bench then chances are it contains a few things that aren't supposed to be in it! Get rid of old scarves, hats and odd gloves. Donate any shoes you no longer wear to a local charity and stash away any summer shoes and flip flops - your guests will need space to leave their shoes when they visit. 

Christmas wreath on front door

While you're at it why not decorate the hallway to give a cheery welcome? A wreath on the front door will provide an initial welcome for your guests and if you have a rustic console table then stand a small tree on it. You can even create your own unique Christmas display using scented candles, fairy lights and Christmas decorations, along with a festive garland hung around the mirror.

In the living room

Just as you have done in other rooms in the home, take the opportunity to declutter and have a clear-out in your living room.  Go through the drawers of your rustic coffee table and make room for items you want close at hand over the holidays - chocolates, drinks coasters, remote controls etc. You may also want to move furniture around to make sure there is enough room and seating for everyone. Seating or having enough seating can be a problem at Christmas - see our guide on the best seating solutions to help you have enough room for everyone to be comfortable.

mango wood coffee table and cream fabric sofa

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