5 Ideal seating solutions for Christmas

There cannot be a dinner table in any home come the festive season that doesn’t have guests balancing on an old chair or perched on a stool such is the shortage of dining chairs. Although this may be half the fun of Christmas dinner or other festive get-togethers, there comes a time when you need seating solutions – and we have them!

Separate dining tables

We have always talked – and will continue to talk about! – the family gathering around the reclaimed wood dining table in your kitchen/diner or dining room at least once a day to share stories and laughter.

But when it comes to festive dinner parties, kids get bored with adult talk and so creating a separate dining table for the kids and another for the adults means you still dine together but everyone is more comfortable. Plus, children are much better at balancing on stools than we are…

Invest in a dining bench

It sounds overdramatic to assert that a dining bench will revolutionise your festive get-togethers but it is true!

Stanton Brown Leather Dining Bench

Dining chairs are all well and good but they are clearly a defined space for one, more so when you opt for wood or upholstered dining chairs with arms. As plush and as stylish as they may be, their versatility starts and ends there. With a dining bench, you can fit lots more people on it – especially children! A fantastic investment if ever there was one.

Go buffet!

Food is a big part of a festive party but instead of a sit-down dinner, why not change the format with a buffet?

Granted, a buffet may be less formal but is no less delicious. In some ways, this takes the pressure off certain kinds of seating – that is, your dining chairs – and allows you to bring other forms of seating in to play against your extendable dining table..

Bembridge Rattan Bar Stools

Alongside your dining table with bench and dining chairs, you could also use stools, especially handy for seating against the kitchen island, large sideboard or breakfast bar. You could always use the reclaimed wood breakfast bar and stool set too.

Commandeer seating from other areas of the home

No one is suggesting you manhandle the sofa into the dining room or kitchen but there is bound to be some examples of other seating in the home you could use, such as;

Clockhouse Wooden Hallway Bench

  • The hallway bench that acts as a handy seat when you take your shoes off at the door or pull them on as you leave.
  • For informal buffets, some sturdy coffee tables can make handy extra seating – the leather coffee table would make a handy perch for someone.
  • Wooden chairs are a great investment as they can be easily stored away in the loft or used in a bedroom as a handy bedroom chair.


If you have surpassed the number of chairs and bench space in your home with a whopping invite list, there is no harm in asking your guests to bring a foldable chair of some kind. Again, it is part of the fun to arrive at the host’s house for a festive get-together and bring your own dining chairs…!

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