Gorgeous ways to style our new rustic mirrors

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table and wooden chairs

No matter what your style, accessories need to be well chosen and placed so that they sing not just their own praises, but the other pieces in the room, such as the reclaimed wood furniture you have. Reflect on how beautiful these mirrors are by taking note of how they are placed so that they can be enjoyed in any room.

Round mirrors

Angles and clean lines have their place, but the beauty of the round mirror should not be underestimated. Promoting the natural flow of the room, a round mirror is ideal in so many ways and for the rustic style, it certainly promotes the warmth and comfort that this style oozes.

Knowing where to place a mirror can be difficult but when you use it to frame a piece of furniture, such as a reclaimed wood trestle dining table or sideboard you’ll find it stands out all on its own. The Sinatra round wall mirror is ideal above the large sideboard either in the hallway or the dining room. Don’t hang it too high – in fact, if you hang it slightly lower than you normally would, you’ll find it will have more impact.

Farringdon reclaimed wood trestle dining table and fabric chairs

The Farringdon dining table and fabric dining chairs make for a perfect setting with this wall mirror and there are others that deliver the same exquisite detailing to a space.

Arched mirrors

The arch of the Hatfield wall mirror is a delight that adds grandeur to its appeal. The rustic finish is also ideal not just for the rustic style but within the industrial setting too.

Farringdon reclaimed wood extendable table and wooden chairs

In this setting, we have placed it above the Farringdon sideboard, a beautiful addition to any home. In fact, the Farringdon Collection basks in the glow of its popularity, which is why we chose the Farringdon extendable reclaimed wood dining table with the timeless combination of wooden dining chairs and dining bench.

Again, accentuate the dimensions of the mirror by hanging a few inches lower than you normally would and you’ll find that it and the sideboard lean on each other perfectly in the space.

Pull a statement together by illuminating it

Mirrors are practical for a number of reasons, one of which is the way that light is reflected in the space and how it can change the feel of a room in the blink of an eye.

Daylight is the lighting that every space and room covets but when the sun sets (or doesn’t get a chance to peek through the clouds), you need to rely on electric light.

It can be stark or soft, casting a gentle illumination over the space. Layers of light work so well in any room and the pendant light over the dining table is both practical and decorative. Its soft glow will highlight the grain of the wood whilst also setting the perfect backdrop for any meal, whether you are entertaining guests or enjoying a family meal together.

Farringdon reclaimed wood extendable table and wooden chairs

We opted for the Bordur white woodchip pendant light, perfect for this setting. The bell-shaped shade is not overly large that it distracts and clutters the eyeline. It provides a beautiful contrast to the black arched mirror that sits just behind the table too.

A superbly rustic setting, with the mirror taking pride of place in its supporting role.