Home heroes – the benefits of furniture with drawers

Rustic reclaimed wood drawer with ornate black metal handle

We all want an organised, clean, clear and clutter-free home, and of course, the key to achieving this is clever storage that is also easily accessible. So, here we will be looking at rustic furniture that is not only beautiful to look at, but also features handy drawers. Furniture with drawers is a must-have in our books – an unsung hero giving you a place to store and hide items you don’t want on show.

Reclaimed wood draw in pale finish with metal handle

A sideboard with drawers

This is a great place to start – we all know the sideboard with just cupboards, it can be put in the kitchen, dining room or living room. But add some drawers to a large sideboard and you have much more versatile storage opportunities. Drawers are pretty much a must-have on a kitchen sideboard – essential for keeping napkins, serving cutlery and other smaller dining essentials in order.

Reclaimed wood coffee table with two drawer and brown leather sofa behindPhoto featuring: Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

A coffee table with drawers

A coffee table is a living room essential but add one with drawers and you have an excellent place for all sorts accessories, such as TV remotes. A coffee table is often a focal point in the room with the sofa and armchairs set around it. It’s a feature your guests will definitely see when they pop round for a morning coffee or evening drinks so make sure it is not cluttered with too many books, coasters and TV remotes. All you need on top of it is an eye-catching centrepiece and the rest can be neatly tucked away in the drawers.

Rustic TV stand with two cupboards, bottom drawer and middle shelfPhoto featuring: Farringdon Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

A TV cabinet with drawers

A TV unit is probably the second most important piece of reclaimed wood furniture you will have in your living room. Open shelves are great for consoles and Sky boxes but the TV cabinet holds so much more and you can hide all these bits and bobs away in a drawer. With drawers, you have plenty of hidden storage for all the unsightly media paraphernalia like spare batteries, remote controls/x-box controllers, instruction manuals, books and DVD’s etc. it will keep your rustic TV cabinet looking sleek and stylish rather than cluttered.

Reclaimed wood bedside table with two drawers and metal handle with small plant pot on topPhoto featuring: Beam Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table with 2 Drawers

A bedside table with drawers

Essential for a calming bedroom, a bedside unit is the unsung bedroom hero. And if you are looking to replace your unit then please do consider a wooden bedside table with drawers. A place to keep reading glasses, a coaster for your glass of water, your current reading material and so many other things that tend to clutter up bedroom surfaces.