How to achieve the Scandinavian Style in the bedroom

The classic Scandinavian style is ideal for bedrooms. The pale schemes and non-cluttered approach creates a relaxing space, free from distractions, all of which help to create an environment perfect for a good night’s sleep. But how can you emulate the Scandinavian design and style? As it’s World Sleep Day tomorrow, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you how…

The Colour White

Simplicity is key in a Scandinavian inspired theme in any room and so, invest in a good quality white paint – and plenty of it. Paint the walls and ceiling white. If your skirting boards are painted, these need to be white too. If they are exposed wood, leave them in their natural state.

The warmth in an all-white bedroom is provided by the wood of Scandinavian style furniture, the wooden floors and other small, but key details.

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Key Details

To maximise the Scandinavian style, you need to focus on the key influential details of the scheme: wood, white and black. White walls and ceiling, wooden furniture and dash of monochrome is the basis of any Scandinavian design.

Brilliant White

Not all emulsion and gloss paints are created equal, something which you will find when you create a Scandinavian themed room. Choose the best quality paint, from a reputable manufacturer.

You may not think that painting a room completely white is a bold move but, the secret to the style is to be as bold and bright with as brilliant a white paint as you possibly can.

White Not Your Thing? Try Grey

For some, the sheer brilliance of whitewashed walls and ceiling is too much. The lack of colour is something many of us are not used to and as such, you may need a dash of colour.

If you are not ready for the complete white look, then choose a pale grey. Soft grey walls without drama are perfect within a Scandinavian designed bedroom.

Clean Lines of Scandinavian Bedroom Furniture

Scandinavian designers were a big influence on mid-century interiors and furniture styles across the globe. Hence, it may be possible to find period pieces that fit right into the design scheme.

For example, wire basket chairs are the perfect example, or the stripped back look on period bedroom pieces. If you prefer modern Scandinavian bedroom furniture, there are many key bedroom pieces to choose from.

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Be Tidy

Not a lecture from your folks about keeping your room tidy but it must be said that the Scandinavian style is minimal in clutter. And that means learning to live in the space in a way that is tidier than what you normally may have been, up to now at least! That means how you arrange things too. If clothing is on display, for example, cut the clutter by placing same-coloured items together. Order your things so that they flow and fit together.

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Accent with Black

Every space and interior design style needs an accent colour. And for the Scandinavian style, that colour is black. Use it well and it will finish the Scandinavian look to your bedroom perfectly.

Shop Scandinavian Oak Beds and choose your favourite bedside table to go with it. Or just add a little bit of Scandinavian style in your bedroom by adding an oak floor mirror.

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