How to achieve a timeless Scandi bedroom

Hudson Living Marlow Solid Oak Bed King Size in Bedroom with white walls and bedside table and small round mirror

The classic Scandinavian bedroom is a timeless interior design that works in both modern or more rustic homes. The pale colour scheme, Scandinavian furniture and non-cluttered approach creates a calming and relaxing space, free from distractions, all of which help to create an environment perfect for a good night’s sleep. But how can you emulate the Scandinavian design? Here, we share some simple design ideas to help you create the perfect Scandi bedroom…

White: the all important Scandi colour

Simplicity is key to all Scandinavian interior design whether that’s in the bedroom or any other room and so, invest in a good quality white paint – and plenty of it. Paint the walls and ceiling white. If your skirting boards are painted, these should be white too. If they are exposed wood, leave them in their natural state. You may not think that painting a room completely white is a bold move but, the secret to the style is to be as bold and bright with as brilliant a white paint as you possibly can.

The warmth in an all-white bedroom is provided by the natural wood of Scandi furniture, the wooden floors and other small, but key details.

Hudson Living Marlow Solid Oak Bed King Size

Key Scandi details

To maximise the Scandi style, you should focus on the key influential details of the scheme. We’ve already mentioned the importance of wood and the colour white, but the other key feature of the Scandi bedroom is black accents. Monochromatic shades are the basis of any Scandinavian design, so to get the look think white walls and ceiling paired with pale wooden or rustic furniture with chic black details, such as a wooden chest of drawers with black metal handles and feet.

tall wooden chest of drawers

White, black or grey

Whilst a Scandi bedroom is highly desirable, for some, the sheer brilliance of whitewashed walls and ceiling in the bedroom is too much. The lack of colour is something many of us are not used to and as such, you may need to balance out the white without compromising the fundamentals of Scandi style. If you are not ready for the complete white look, even with black accents, then choose a softer neutral or pale grey. Natural grey walls or layered grey textures, such as curtains, rugs and furnishings are the perfect alternative for a Scandinavian bedroom.

Clean lines of Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian interior design had a big influence on mid-century interiors and furniture styles across the globe. Hence, it may be possible to find both period pieces, reclaimed furniture and modern furniture that fit right into the design scheme in the bedroom. Scandi furniture is minimalist and practical. Natural materials such as wood, leather or faux leather feature predominantly, softened with cosy textured accents.

Hudson Living Kielder Oak Bedside Table

Be tidy and declutter

We don’t want to lecture you about keeping your bedroom tidy, but it must be said that the Scandi style is minimal in clutter. And that means learning to live in the space in a way that is tidier than what you normally may have been, up to now at least! It also means knowing how you arrange things too. If clothing is on display, for example, cut the clutter by placing same-coloured items together. The best solution, of course, is bedroom storage. A wooden wardrobe and solid wood chest of drawers in a pale or textured wood will help you order your things so the room flows and fits together.

reclaimed wooden wardrobe with bottom drawers

Accent with black

Every space and interior design style needs an accent colour and as we touched on earlier, for the Scandinavian bedroom, that colour is black. Use it well and it will complete the look to your bedroom perfectly.

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