How to brighten up your hallway this spring

The hallway is often the last place to be decorated and yet, it is the space through which we all pass several times a day. It needs to be at the cutting edge of practicality and function which leaves many of us feeling that the hallway lacks style.

But not with these great ideas! This spring give your hallway a facelift and make it into a stylish and functional space…

White Walls Will Work

Hallways tend to be small-ish places and this means adding colour, depth and drama can be tough to do with dark walls and furniture.

If you shy away from white thinking it will be too stark and impractical, take another look. Use a good quality, washable paint from a reputable manufacturer and paint walls, ceiling and woodwork in one brilliant white.

Add carefully chosen wall accessories – mirrors work well to bounce even more light about a space – and add a dash of colour with a vibrant contemporary rug.

Hudson Living Marlow Console Table

An Art Gallery

Just because a hallway needs to be practical doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Hallways are usually gifted with large expanses of walls and this is perfect for creating your very own art gallery.

As well as family photos, there is a growing range of affordable and chic contemporary art that transforms your hallway from ordinary to extraordinary.

Stylish Storage in the Hallway

By its very definition, the hallway is the space where coats are kept, muddy boots are flung and the dog paraphernalia is kept too. Not all this stuff are things you want on display.

Bespoke storage solutions in spaces such as under the stairs, as do reclaimed wood storage units. Complete with wicker baskets for dog leads and toys, as well as space to store school bags, coats and more, they are a worthwhile investment that fit well with any decorating scheme.

Rattan May Reclaimed Wood Storage Unit with Wicker Baskets

Colour Block Walls

Colour can be difficult to add to a hallway but take a fresh look. Instead of seeing your hallway just from the front door, how many other views of it do you have? For example, sitting in the lounge, do you see a section of wall?

If so, colour-blocking walls and creating colour statements in the hallway is a fantastic solution. Bright colours are on-trend this coming spring. Choose light, bright shades of green, yellow and blue but without going neon in vibrancy.

Finish the wall with a piece of fantastic art or cluster family photos together in same coloured frames, but different styles, sizes and finishes.

Practical Additions

Of course, there needs to be a range of practical additions to your newly stylish hallway:

Umbrella pots are great for stashing brollies and perfectly placed for grabbing hold of one

A wooden chair is perfect for sitting to pull off or pull on boots and shoes, as well as an ad hoc storage area for bags and scarves

Pew Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair Dark

Never struggle with light in a hallway – if adding more lighting isn’t an option, then contemporary mirrors dotted about the hallway are an ideal solution

Art Deco Round Mirror for wall on hallways

With all these great ideas for creating space in the hallway, you’re sure to be able to create a welcoming and stylish entrance to your home.

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