How to choose a leather armchair for a rustic space

Brown Leather Armchair and Leather Sofa

The rustic style is a popular choice. Bringing comfort and style to a room, there is a bold familiarity to it that makes a rustic living room a delightful space. Supporting rustic notes and details is the reclaimed wood furniture, and the armchair, which is an important piece. Just how do you get the right shape, style and colour to enhance the rustic look?

Think nature and natural for material and colour

The rustic look is based heavily on what materials and colours were available to furnish and accessorise a home. The modern rustic style has barely moved away from this and so opting for colours and materials found in nature is the right stylistic step to take.

Brown Leather Armchair Wing Wrap Style

Ditch modern ‘plastics’ and other highly processed materials, instead opting for leather and wool. The Cerato leather armchair has the charm, colour and shape that is ideal for the rustic living room. Its traditional styling bears the hallmarks of its pedigree and with such beautiful supple leather, its no wonder that for anyone creating a rustic styled room, this is the go-to small armchair.

Brown Leather Armchair

If you want a simpler style – and sometimes, with the rustic style, simpler is better – remove the detailing with the streamlined appeal of the Barkby leather armchair. Unpretentious, the simple styling of this piece makes it ideal for sitting alongside your 3-seater sofa and other reclaimed wood furniture in the living room.


The rustic look may have a raw edge to it, a slightly less refined finish than that of the farmhouse or even the industrial style but that doesn’t mean it has to be brash and unfinished. Essentially, the dimensions of the items used need to be in keeping with the space that is allocated to them.

The original rustic style of old would have been bespoke and so its no wonder with ready-built items it can be tough finding furniture that ‘fits’. Simpler and smaller can be the successful way forward thus if you are grappling with a smaller living room, you need an armchair that is less imposing, more present.

Brown Leather and Wool Armchair

Combining the sublime warmth and quality of wool and the cool touch of leather, the Granby wool and leather armchair has presence but its smaller dimensions and shallower height means it doesn’t smother the space you have.

Of course, if you have space – don’t forget you need a pathway around the front of the armchair and other items close by of at least one metre (around three feet) – then opting for the very traditional wingback armchair would fit perfectly within any rustic living room.

Kensington Wingback Leather and Harris Tweed Armchair

Again, we chose to combine two natural materials – leather and wool – in the Kensington wingback armchair. The height of the back and the larger ‘wings’ make this one of the most recognisable shaped armchairs, not unlike the pleasing rolls and curves of the Chesterfield armchair.

The practical lessons

It looks fabulous in the showroom, but will the must-have brown leather armchair of your dream fit into your home? And when we say fit, we mean manoeuvred through the doors?

We’re one step ahead. Most of our armchairs, including those with a rustic leaning, have legs which can be removed making it a much easier task to fit through doorways. Easily assembled, however, you’ll have the perfect armchair in situ within minutes.