How to choose the perfect garden furniture set

Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Set in Clay

The garden is an important space so it’s essential to search for garden furniture sets that will blend in as part of your home. As soon as the finer weather arrives, you want to be out enjoying the sun and fresh air in style and comfort.

Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Set in Clay

It is far more pleasant when you have the right garden furniture set. Take a look at this right-point guide to choose the best garden furniture.

Plan It!

Just as you would make a considered purchase when it comes to furnishings for the interior of your home, it should be no different when it comes to the garden.

How do you want your outdoor ‘room’ to look? How many rattan garden chairs will you need to make the space welcoming and comfortable? Do you have a style or a theme you would like to emulate?


Once you have calculated the space and the requirements, you now need to look at seating. There is a range of seating options in various materials.

If you plan on moving seating around, you will want a lighter weight material such as rattan garden furniture. Wooden or metal furniture can work just as well, and can be fixed into position too.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Chair in Garden

Easy Care Materials

You want to spend the summer enjoying your garden, not repairing things, cleaning furniture, or spending hours keeping something looking good. Our garden furniture sets come with easy-care fabrics suitable for outdoor use which is worth the investment several times over.

Don’t forget storage

Those large L-shaped outdoor sofas look great but how will you protect it over the winter? To extend the life of garden furniture, when not in use, it should be stored away in a place that is not overly damp.

Be Bold

Garden furniture doesn’t have to be ‘all the same’. Just like your home, the way you use your garden could be very different to how your neighbours or friends do. And that’s why being bold and personal in your purchases really work, like this stunning industrial style dining table.

garden furniture sets


If you do nothing else from this list, do this one: choose quality items that are well-designed and built to last. Choose materials that require little, if any, maintenance. Hardwoods are better at withstanding weather and although they are more expensive, they are well worth the investment when considering a garden furniture set.

By looking after your garden furniture, storing it away in winter and keeping it clean, you will get years of use from it.

Don’t Forget the Details

Accessories are just as important in the garden as in your home. Why have fantastic furniture but nowhere for your guests to put their drinks? As well as a garden coffee table, consider adding outdoor rugs to brighten up the patio, throws for when the evening turns cooler and pleasant lighting to set the ambience.

St Mawes Coffee Table in Reclaimed Teak

Consider Dual Purpose Items

Storage in the garden can be useful over the summer months. Throwing outdoor cushions, throws and rugs into a storage bench is ideal for when there is the occasional summer downpour.

Storage Garden Box with Zinc Top from Wood

Also, don’t forget to add a welly storage close to your garden to keep all your boots dry and clean.

Outdoor Shoes and boots storage for Garden from Wood

Once you have the right garden furniture, you will enjoy summer days and nights in the garden. Enjoy!