Why We Love Urban Modern Interior Design

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Mango Brown in living room

Have you noticed how much urban modern interior design is used in commercial settings, such as restaurant, cafes and similar?

It is an impressive style and one that you may want to emulate. But what are the basics of the urban modern design? And how can you convincingly replicate this style in your home?

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Mango Brown

What Defines Urban Modern Interior Design?

This style, as you would expect, stems from modern, designer lofts found in major cities. These large buildings were once the hub of industrial activity, but were left baron after business moved elsewhere.

Vast, cavernous spaces, once home to large, noisy machines are now living spaces. Loft living is a style and the urban modern interior design styles is a fusion of the commercial past of a building with modern living.

It is minimalistic and modern, chic with edgy experimental designs, all of which collide and meld together to make a fantastic living space. Not just the style of the young or the ‘up and coming’, it is style that suits families too because of its simplicity, its warmth and its adaptability.

How to Get the Urban Modern Style in Your Home

Think exposed brick walls meeting stainless steel beams. Think industrial meets a modern style. The rough and the smooth. The urban modern style works anywhere, not just loft living or city apartments. It can suit your home and here’s how to get it;

One-of-a-Kind Artworks

Original artwork, hung centre stage, instantly adds a cosmopolitan vibe. But, before you think ‘too expensive’ there are other means of getting your hands on original artwork. Art students create amazing pieces and appreciate the exposure. Or, you could create some of your work on canvas or even take a look at some original artwork stocked by independent retailers.

Urban, Not Industrial

There is a difference. Urban style has a softer, warmer edge to it then the harsh functionality of an industrial interior design.

Original and exposed brick walls meeting with the warmth of hardwood floors welcome us home at the end of the day. Modern rugs act as layers of texture to a room, as well as helping to pull together an open plan living that otherwise would feel too vast.

Contemporary Urban Modern Luce Black Candle Holders Pack of 3

Choose home accessories that are deep in colour, bringing in warmth to a space: think oranges, reds, browns, any colour that you react to as being warm and cosy.

Creating a Homely Feel

Every aspect of your home should embrace urban modern interior design. Distressed wood is a must and that is why adding key pieces such as a modern console table are fantastic additions.

Hudson Living Brooklyn Console Table

Imagine if those pieces could speak. The dents in the floor, the distressed look of the wood, the stainless frame that have stood the test of time for so long, imagine the stories they could tell.

With key pieces such as modern dining table sets, the practicalities are obvious. But, should you wish to change the appeal and style of your home in the future, these pieces will fit right in with a range of additional interior design styles.

There are, of course, many different reasons to love urban modern interior design, and these are just ours – Why not let us know what YOU love best about this style, and how you’ve embraced it in your home?