How to choose the perfect armchair

How to choose the perfect armchair - Modish Living

Barkby Brown Leather Armchair

A good quality armchair can be a statement piece as well as another place to sit. There are some fabulous designs available that are eye catching and original and can add a quirky or luxurious touch to a room. Armchairs don’t need to be confined to living room sets. Consider a cosy reading spot on a landing, bedroom or even bathroom, wherever you have space.


Grey Studded Adele Armchair

Fabric armchairs are soft and often available in a variety of interesting colours. Experiment with hues but be aware that dark coloured fabrics on a fabric armchair can fade if they are placed in direct sunlight and very pale colours can collect grubby marks. Shades of grey are good at hiding dust and marks.

Leather or faux leather remains a popular choice for armchairs. Leather is a sumptuous, natural fabric that can improve and soften with age. It is also wipe clean which is a benefit. Faux leather furniture is treated to look like leather but isn’t quite as durable.


Kirk Moon Wool Armchairs

If you are adding a new armchair to a room that you have already perfected, try to choose a colour or design that harmonises with your existing décor. For example, if you choose an armchair with wooden legs, match the colour of the wood to other wooden pieces in the room such as a coffee table or bookcase. Choosing a modern style for a contemporary room or a traditional shape for a rustic theme also makes sense. If you have a patterned sofa you may like to pick out a dominant colour and use that for your armchair. Alternatively, a more daring but eye-catching option is to contrast bright, statement colours.


Dame Grey Studded Button Back Chair

Before choosing a style that you think is beautiful and befitting of your room, consider your measurements as this may impact on your decision. Consider the height of a chair, both from the point of view of comfort as well as coordination with the rest of your furniture. Bear in mind that many of the armchairs at Modish are bespoke so if you don’t spot it in your preferred fabric or colour, it may still be possible to order your ideal combination.

Wing Wrap Cerato Leather Armchair

A wingback armchair is high backed with flared wings on either side. Check out our grey studded chair for a modern, elegant interpretation of this classic style. Our Carson retrosit leather armchair is reminiscent of a barrel back armchair and offers a retro feel with a curving edge and cool metal frame design. Or for more traditional feel you might choose a club chair which is low slung and heavily padded. A comfy armchair that stands the test of time. Our Harris Tweed fabric version is made of wool and offers a warm welcome as you sink into it.

With true French elegance, the Bergere armchair is built with an ornate wooden frame and covered with opulent upholstery. Our version of this luxurious statement piece is the Cream Studded Stella armchair which offers the same opulent upholstery and padding but with modern armchair styling and simple lines. Today’s contemporary styles demand sleekness and simplicity whilst drawing from more traditional styles. We think the Vienna grey spoke edged tub chair is the ultimate modern head turner.

Vienna Grey Spoke Edged Tub Chair

We’re delighted to offer you a wide selection of high quality armchairs that will fulfil your style needs as well meeting all your requirements for comfort.

Browse our collection of armchairs and get in touch with us for bespoke armchair options.