How to choose the perfect boardroom furniture for your business

English Beam Industrial Boardroom Table

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Boardroom Table

The boardroom is the place where deals are struck, and a business is propelled onto bigger and greater things. It needs to be a versatile space – comfortable, yet stylish, functional and sumptuous. There is no reason why you can’t create an impressive boardroom. And here’s how…

The boardroom table

Its dimensions impressive, its sturdiness sends a message to visitors and potential trade partners – and so you need to choose wisely.

We have some stunning options but two of the most popular (and you’ll see why) are;

The Oldman industrial table

This range is a stunning homage to the industrial style, still popular among customers. And no wonder, the clean, uncomplicated lines are perfect in any home, but they lend themselves well to the boardroom too.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Boardroom Table and Chairs

And the Oldman industrial table certainly doesn’t lack character. Like most reclaimed wood furniture, it is an impressive combination between the old and the new. The tabletop bears the scars of its past but this adds to its beauty, rather than detracting.

The ambience of a boardroom is a place where decisions are made, where people collaborate, and progress is made. It needs to be comfortable, not only in practice but is aesthetic too. Wooden floor works well in the industrial styled boardroom and with the Oldman table custom made to any dimensions, you can create the right impression to the room from the moment people arrive.

Great for a boardroom…

  • … where productivity and comfort are key elements. Team with Allegro leather chairs or Dolomite leather chairs to continue to streamlined but warm approach to styling the boardroom.

The English Beam industrial table

Another stunning example from an industrial style furniture collection, there is a refinement to the English Beam range that makes it hard to ignore.

English Beam Industrial Steel Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Velvet Chairs

The table top of the English Beam boardroom table is more refined and worked than the Oldman table finish. There is a delicacy to the wood that is simply gorgeous, but this delicacy is not traded for sturdiness or robustness.

With a slightly more refined edge comes the opportunity to pair it with industrial chairs that have a starker feel to them. The faux leather chairs, for example, continues the cohesion of the style by matching its metal frame with that of the table, but the softness of the smooth upholstery provides a welcome connection with the table top. As a leather office chairs go, this simple chair offers the lumbar support you will look for too.

English Beam Industrial Steel Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs

Again, this table can be made to your exacting requirements, introducing yet more flexibility and versatility to a boardroom.

As well as floorboards, this table and matching chairs works well with a carpeted floor – choose light and natural materials – and with a few finishing touches here and there, it is a boardroom that is stylish and refined.

Great for a boardroom…

  • … where creativity is essential. Keep accessories simple, offering detail without clutter and let this elegant boardroom table sing in the chorus of supporting pieces.

Industrial style furniture is the perfect choice for the boardroom, so which pieces would you choose?