How to create a Boho inspired Living room

brown leather sofa with large wall hanging and green plant

So, firstly, what actually is “Boho stye”? It’s busy, bright, patterned, colorful, eclectic, with plenty of natural materials and house plants thrown into the mix – it’s basically a decor style that is influenced by the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s as well as travelling artists. It’s also an interior style that has seen a resurgence over the past year.

With this in mind let’s take a closer look at how to easily achieve this on-trend look in your living space.

Brown leather sofa with wall boho wall hanging


Boho style is all about natural materials, so reclaimed wood furniture is a bit of a no-brainer. Eco-friendly and from nature, a rustic nest of tables is a great choice, easy to move around and to dot around the room where needed. The Melbury Industrial Nest of Tables is just made for this style of decor, industrial legs support the tabletops, which are created from gorgeous reclaimed wood railway sleepers, produced in a manner to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. For a lighter, more minimalist and lighter Bohemian style table, the Abingdon reclaimed wood side table is perfect.

Photo featuring: Melbury Industrial Nest of Tables

Reclaimed wood side table with white trestle legs Photo featuring: Abingdon Reclaimed Wood Side Table


The Boho keywords for seating would be relaxed, casual and low level that encourages conversation and playing music together. So a brown leather sofa and leather armchair are a great starting point to achieve the look – add in some leather footstools and / or floor cushions and you are really making headway to achieve this style. The Maverick retro relax leather armchair should be at the top of any list of furniture to be included. Of course, you can add paisley or patterned cushions on the sofa as well as natural fibre sofa throws to reinforce the look.

Brown leather armchair with metal arms with white sheepskin rug

Photo featuring: Maverick Retro Leather Armchair


Patterned rugs are a must-have, choose a mix of natural and bold bright colours. You can layer rugs as well to add more interest to your floor space, start with an extra large rug, and layer on small rugs and don’t forget they don’t all have to match, you can have fun with trying out and seeing what works for you and your room.

Blue living room with sheer green curtains and rugs and cushions on floor

Colours and textures

White walls with earthy colours like terracotta and brown are the base colours, but it’s the fabrics and accessories that you can play around with, a mix of leather, sheepskin rugs and different types of cushions. When it comes to textures you should add natural materials like wood, wicker, rattan and bamboo. Use wall tapestries, macrame wall hangings and pictures for extra texture and interest.

Large green houseplant with white sofa and window in background

House plants

No Bohemian styled room would be complete without a few, and by few we mean a lot, houseplants. You can use the plant pots to add extra “Boho” to your room. Ideally, plant pots should be produced from natural materials like wood, wicker, rattan and terracotta. A macrame hanging plant holder would be right at home in the corner of your Bohemian influenced living room.