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How to create a family friendly Airbnb kitchen area

How to create a family friendly Airbnb kitchen area

The popularity of Airbnb knows no bounds and for the family, it is the ideal way of finding a great holiday rental in a great location. But what makes for a family-friendly kitchen-dining area?

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

It’s worth taking time to consider the look and appeal of the kitchen diner, especially as busy parents browse online to book their ideal holiday rental in the right spot. Photographs that shed the very best light on your Airbnb rental is clearly a great place to start but what is it that parents will look for in the family-friendly dining-kitchen area?

1 Cleanliness of the space

There is no denying that aside from stylish furniture and accessories on the surface, parents will often look much deeper. Essentially, they’ll be assessing to see just how clean the dining-kitchen space is. As well as de-cluttering the kitchen and streamlining the dining area, taking time to deep clean the kitchen and the dining space is critical, from the wooden dining chairs to the cabinet fronts.

2 Small essential details

There are additions to the kitchen diner that are a must to make it the most family-friendly space possible;

  • High chairs – a great addition is the use of a high chair, perfect for sitting alongside the uber-stylish rustic dining table or the breakfast in the kitchen. There are some amazingly stylish high chair options available, many of which will complement the leather bar stools at the breakfast bar too. Great for al fresco dining too.

  • Welcome pack – aside from additional furniture options, a welcome pack of goodies and treats is ideal for helping calm the frayed nerves of travel-weary toddlers (and their parents). A welcome touch that your guests will love.

Open Cardboard Box of Cookies
  • ‘What to do while you are here’ pack – guests with toddlers will appreciate information about local amenities and activities that are toddler-friendly. As well as paid-for activities, include information such as local parks for a kickabout with the ball or adventure playgrounds that are local to you. Parents really appreciate the ‘inside information’ for the locality.

3 Stylish AND practical (and functional too)

With toddlers running about the place, parents will want a space that is safe but is not characterless or devoid of all style. Reclaimed wood furniture is the epitome of style and offers so much choice that making a final decision can prove tough…

  • Robust, rustic dining table – reclaimed wood is possibly one of the toughest materials to opt for when it comes to kitchen and dining room furniture. With a solid appearance, a large, roomy 6-seater dining table is fantastic for your guests to gather around – especially with wipe-clean leather dining chairs.

Lansdowne Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

  • Easy to use storage solutions – parents need quick access to essential items and so arranging the kitchen-diner along logical line makes sense. As well a sideboard for plates and dishes, consider adding a stylish glass cabinet for displaying stylish accessories.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Display Cabinet

  • Make more of the space – the kitchen is the heart of the home and probably the space in which your guests will spend much of their time. Making it a versatile space is essential. As well as seating around the rustic dining table, consider adding informal seating areas such as informally styled leather bar stools or a dining bench.

Brown Leather Barstool

    If you opt for the rustic style and for reclaimed wood furniture, the kitchen-dining room will automatically become the stylish attractive space you want it to be. Add the small details that families look, and your Airbnb rental will be even more popular!



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