How to create a feel good home office

White office desk with dark fabric chair with large green floor plant and wide sideboard

I guess by now, all those that can work from home have got some sort of office space set up. Here we concentrate a little more on creating a feel-good factor in the home office.

Blonde lady sat at desk with laptop and green plant in front of a large bright window

Make space

Of course, ideally, we would have an empty room, and budget, just waiting to be converted into the perfect home office! But if you need more space and a bigger reclaimed wood desk – see if you can move the furniture around in the spare bedroom to accommodate more suitable home office furniture. Or would some new office cabinets give you the additional storage space you desperately need? Working from home could be around to stay for quite some time yet. Having a clear and clutter-free space away from distractions, should help you feel more productive and help your day go more smoothly.

Black wooden desk with silver frame and legs with silver fabric office chair

How to make do with space

If your office is still the rustic dining table in the kitchen or the dining room then try to clear your work items away at the end of the day – you don’t want to be sat at dinner, after hours, having a quick peek at what is lined up for you for the next day. A large sideboard, that complements your dining room furniture is a good investment – not only for your office paraphernalia, but also for dinner plates, serving dishes and napkins! If sharing the dining table is becoming a bit tedious then maybe now is the time to consider other locations in the home where you can add a small home office desk. A garden view in a nice sunny window would be perfect, is there a bit of space on the landing? A dressing table in a spare room could be big enough and easily converted ……or a console table in the hallway might also be an option.

Industrial reclaimed wood desk with two drawers and grey faux leather swivel office chair

Get comfortable in your surroundings

If you can only invest in one thing to help you work from home in comfort then make it the best office chair that you can afford – I promise you, your back will thank you for this in years to come. Make your space personal and beautiful. A potted plant will help lift your mood and is also a nice backdrop during video calls, as are bookshelves and photos of family and friends.

Women in red top walking along a track in the countryside in the sunlight

Rest and move around

When you were in the office you will most likely have moved around and had a quick chat with a colleague as they pass by your office or in the coffee room. This is one of the downsides to being away from the office, a video call or zoom meeting will never replace person to person contact and many of us make friends for life in the office. Try to find time to send a colleague a quick message to ask if they are OK, how are the kids, the dog – it will just keep your relationships going. Take a brisk walk when you get chance or take your coffee into the garden for some fresh air and a change of scenery. Do not be tempted to carry on working into the evening, you need to take time away from the “office” to recharge, relax and spend quality time with your family