Home improvements to improve your wellbeing

Girl sat crossed leg in bright white room with lots of hanging green plants

January, arguably the toughest month of the year, is over…..! Made worse by spending too much time at home of late – this may be starting to affect the wellbeing of you and your family. Here are some ideas to improve your home environment and help bring back some balance.

Wooden essential oil diffuser with steam coming out of the top, surrounded by white candles

Bring in natural elements

House plants are a great start, but we are talking more than a putting a couple of house plants in the living room – this is making the most of nature and bringing in as many natural elements as you can. Add in organic materials – wood, reclaimed wood furniture in particular, will add an earthly, natural element to your home. With it still being winter, you should make the most of natural daylight – open your curtains to let in as much daylight and sun (if there is any) as possible. Make sure your windows are clean to make the most of it. Use essential oils to help your mood – citrus is uplifting while you can use lavender to calm down and relax. Fresh cut flowers are also great at boosting your mood.

Bright living room with large cream sofa, two armchairs, industrial coffee table and two big green house plants

Choose the right colour palette

Much is written about the use of colours in the home. Light colours for a room that feels bright light and airy, if you prefer a cosy, cocoon-like feeling in your home then you should opt for darker colours. Bold and bright colours will give your room an energised feel. Whichever colour scheme best suits your personality, what will always work with it is rustic furniture. Your living space can be bright and airy but why not give your dining room a more dramatic look by using dark colours? If you like to create an atmospheric mood when entertaining family and friends around a statement wood dining table, then dark accents bring in a touch of drama.

Round industrial dining table with four brown leather dining chairs

Photo featuring: Standford Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table 

Add round shapes

Circular shapes create balance and calm – reinforce this by adding a round kitchen table, round pendant ceiling lights over a breakfast bar and round coffee table in your living room. A round rug on the floor can help you zone a room as well as give it a warmer feel.

Photo featuring: Melbury Industrial Nest of Tables

Clear away clutter

We all know that a clutter-free room is easier on the eyes and the mind, generally more calming to be in. If you add one piece of furniture in your living room then it should be a large sideboard – this will give you so much space to tuck things away and also provide an extra surface to display something on, such as favourite family photos, a houseplant and a table lamp for when you want subtle lighting. Another great way to hide clutter is a coffee table with drawers – perfect to stash away remotes, coasters, books you might be reading, glasses and anything else you like to have close at hand while relaxing in your living room.

Reclaimed wood coffee table on grey rug with large grey sofa and yellow and grey cushionsPhoto featuring: Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table