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How to create the perfect study space in a new home

How to create the perfect study space in a new home

Creating a study space is similar to creating a home office type of space where you can work undisturbed. But, all too often, we ‘settle’ for a dark corner or a gloomy desk facing a wall.

This is how to create the perfect study space at home…

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Choose the Space Carefully

You may be fortunate enough to have a spare room - an ideal location for a study or home office. At the end of a working session, you power down the PC, switch off the printer and shut the door.

Or, you may struggle for space. The good news is that even in small spaces, you can create an amazing home study space with a reclaimed wood desk and comfy chair. Choose a space that is free from distractions, and in a quiet location, and that’s half the battle.

Bring in Light

No matter what work you do, in any working space, the right lighting is essential and industrial style lights are a great choice for the modern office or study space.

  • Pendant lighting – this is the main central light and although there are many stylish options, if you are working with the light behind you, you will be working in shadow.
  • Desk or table lamps – excellent for adding on-the-desk luminosity and prevents you from working in shadow. Be as bold as you like with design and style.
  • Floor lamps – movable about the space, floor lamps can add height and texture to a room. Consider a floor lamp that could act as a spotlight too.

Rainbow Vallen Floor Lamp for office

The Desk

Your work is important and this, the working platform at which you will sit for often hours at a time needs to be able to accommodate everything that you do. But this does not mean throwing style out of the window. You can be as stylish and as vibrant with your choice of desk as your budget and imagination allow.

Of course, you will want a desk that matches your style, whether that is an industrial style desk or a rustic inspired table. There is no reason why you can’t be quirky with your choice either. This is why the Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wooden Desk is possibly one of the best buys when it comes to study desks and spaces.

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The Chair

Ergonomics is the study of everything that makes life easier and more comfortable. If you do spend hours at your desk, it needs to be the right height. Your bespoke leather chair needs to support you, especially in the lumbar region.

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But again, this doesn’t mean opting for the ‘plain’ or the ‘normal’ office chair. The Standford Grey Faux Leather Office Chair is on castors, perfect for wheeling yourself about the to fetch books or notes from around the room.

There is no reason why you cannot create a study space that inspires and enthrals. Why wouldn’t you want a study space that is stylish, with depth colour and texture?

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Keep an eye on the time with a wall clock whilst being surrounded by appealing items such as contemporary candle holders or even a wall or floor mirror to maximise light in the study. Or, add an industrial bookcase to keep things organised. The addition of an urban modern rug will add a softer tone to your space that may make it feel a little more relaxed if that helps you study better.

How will you design your study space?

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