How to create this amazing look with a unique reclaimed wood dining table

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Dining Room

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Dining Table in Dining Room

Simple, elegant, fresh – just three words we would use to describe anything from the Cotswold collection. But this Cotswold reclaimed wood table is particularly pleasing.

There is a pleasant sturdiness and appeal to all this reclaimed furniture; not just to the table, but to the dining chairs and the reclaimed wood bench. But how do you stop it looking too blocky? How can you go on to re-create this look in your home? We show you how…

Neutral walls and shades

The first this with this pleasing rustic look is to think ‘natural and neutral’ – we’ll add detail later with accessories. Everything should support this theme and that means plenty of reclaimed wood furniture that has a character all of its own. Those blemishes and imperfections are not flaws, but the story of its past before it reached you.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair

The reclaimed wood Cotswold dining chairs are a must. With a padded seat, they are sold in pairs, thus you can add two ‘heads of the table seat’ and two other on one side, with the reclaimed wood bench opposite adding a strong note of ‘the rustic look’.

The extendable dining table is a must if you host dinner parties and fantastic family gatherings. Simply adding extra dining table space without effort, the extending table is a must.

Display and storage unit

Adding extra details starts with a supporting piece of furniture that doesn’t detract from the appeal of the table. The tall Cotswold display case with drawers and glazed doors is a must.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Display Cabinet

You can store all kinds of items in the glazed unit, from tall candle holders that would make a great centrepiece for the table, to rustic inspired accessories. Although everything about this style is natural and neutral, the addition of glass gives it the sumptuous feel that stops the ‘blocky’ feel to this look.

As in this dining room, soften the edges with pretty flowers and greenery as well as unfussy accessories such as that of the reclaimed wood framed mirror.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack Sideboard

There are other sideboards available in this range but if you want to continue the rustic theme with a heavy dollop of the practical, there is no better choice than the Cotswold sideboard and wine storage rack. If you entertain regularly, you’ll know how some wines need to be stored to preserve their fruity and spicy notes and thus, this is the ideal piece for wine connoisseurs.

Soften corners

Wood is a warm material, both to touch and in visual appeal. But without a few soft touches here and there, it can look a little too bland.

Getting the balance between detail and fuss is tough but stick with the natural and neutral mantra, and you won’t go far wrong. You only catch a glimpse of the pleasant rug on the floor in this dining room but notice the slightly longer pile and the neutral colour.

White Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

If you don’t want a floor rug, for the bench consider adding a sheepskin rug for a soft underlayer for when guests dine and an extra layer of warmth in the depths of winter. It also makes a great addition to the rustic look dining room (or any room for that matter!).

With subtle hints of colour and detail, this rustic-inspired dining room with this beautiful dining table is a sheer delight. Would it suit your home?