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How to create welcoming Airbnb bedrooms for families

How to create welcoming Airbnb bedrooms for families

Travelling with small children is no easy feat and that’s why for many parents looking for a get-away, a family-friendly Airbnb rental fits the bill. The whole house needs to be family-friendly but there is no denying the importance of the bedrooms. With the rustic style as a backdrop and a flat weave rug on the floor, you’ll have no problems creating relaxing, welcoming, comfortable bedrooms for your guests.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture

Cosy & comfy

The beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is that it oozes exactly what you are trying to achieve in the bedroom – a cosy, comforting space – and so no wonder that the rustic style is considered the perfect backdrop.

You need excellent quality mattresses, as well as sumptuous covers and bed linen, essential for a good night’s sleep. But you also need to appeal to the eye – the bedroom needs to look instantly welcoming, comfortable and comfy (and clean).

A reclaimed wood bed has it all. It’s just perfect for any room, from the single bed frame to the statement light wood king-sized rustic bedframe in the master bedroom, adding a sense of grandeur is more than possible with the rustic style.

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Rustic Bed and Blanket Box

Add vibrancy with colour

People are on holiday – they want a little excitement, craving things outside of their normal routine. Colour is perfect – from the depths of purple or navy or even a deep, deep red to the airy wispiness of pastel shades, the rustic style with reclaimed wood furniture in the bedroom delivers every time.

“Everything as it should be”

For a bedroom to be appealing, everything needs to be available for your guests that they would expect. A wooden blanket box is not only ideal for spare blankets, pillows and throws but a perfect addition in a child’s bedroom with a few toys for them to enjoy. A rustic reclaimed wood bookcase is also perfect for bedtime story books.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

Home from home

The essence of comfort is having everything you need in the style of home-from-home comfort. And that means a comfortable cosy bed to sleep in as well as plenty of bedroom storage options. Just as versatile as the wardrobe is a large chest of drawers in the bedroom. For the holidaying parent, a large chest of drawers in the bedroom allows for everyone’s clothes to be organised and easily found in the rush to enjoy what the locality has to offer.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Large Chest of Drawers

Details matter

The smaller details make such a big difference. Thoughtful additions never go unnoticed. Imagine, for example, the delight of your guests sitting at a dressing table with drawers complete with excellent lighting and oversized mirror!

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dressing Table

And there is the addition of ample seating in the bedroom, something that can be an afterthought. A wooden bench in the bedroom works really well, as it does in the hallway. A great place to sit when taking shoes on and off, or lining up bags, packed for the next day’s activities.

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