How to do pattern with Prestigious Textiles

Marie Parry

Marie Parry, Head of Design for Prestigious Textiles on working with pattern

Patterned fabric sofa with wood panelled wall

Introducing pattern into your home is a wonderful way of adding a sense of your own personality and style. From a statement feature wall to adding beautiful upholstery and fabrics, pattern can breathe new life into any room. But, where to start and how to make it work? It can be daunting incorporating patterns into the home, so we spoke with Marie Parry, Head of Design for Prestigious Textiles to ask her advice of how to bring your rustic furniture to life with pattern and colour….

What are the basic principles to follow when adding pattern?

The basic principle I recommend following when adding pattern is combining one or two statement prints with smaller or more simple complementary designs. You can then break up the pattern with coordinating plain fabrics to add blocks of colour to the space.

Orange patterned fabric sofa with matching cushions

How do you avoid pattern overload and for it to look too busy or cluttered?

There is no need to be scared of a pattern overload! As long as the patterns complement each other and share the same focal colour or theme, then your scheme will flow effortlessly. Be brave and go for it! Maximalism is a big trend this year, so more is more.

Multi-coloured aztec wall tapestry with wire dining chair and matching cushion

What type of patterns go well with rustic furniture and reclaimed wood furniture?

I would recommend our Inca Trial collection, inspired by the recent Global Traveller trend. The textured weaves and rustic Aztec-style patterns pair extremely well with reclaimed wooden furniture. The fabrics embrace both a warm and neutral colour palette, making them the perfect choice for complementing natural wooden tones.

Blue fabric sofa with grey rug and rustic wood side table

Can you add more than one pattern to a space?

With maximalism being a key interior trend for 2021, there has never been a better time to use more pattern in a space. Rather than having only one statement curtain or feature wall, combine patterns that have similar colours and themes to create a bold room. The fabrics and wallpapers from our Caribbean collection work together effectively and stylishly to combine patterned upholstery, statement wallpaper and large-scale curtains.

Tropical patterned fabric armchair with palm print wallpaper

How would you add pattern to a dining room featuring a large, reclaimed wood dining table?

There are many ways to add both pattern and colour into a dining space. Start by injecting colour and pattern to a table decor with a fabric table runner. The Aesop tree embroidery from our Journal collection is perfect for creating a focal point in any dining area.

Industrial dining table with patterned cream and red runner

Another way to add to a table setting is with cushions or upholstery. We have used cushions in fabrics from our Kyoto collection to add texture to a reclaimed wood table and industrial style wooden dining bench, helping to add both warmth and comfort into a dining space. For a bolder statement, a printed velvet such as Hidden Paradise from our Journey Beyond collection would look amazing against the reclaimed wood.

Rustic dining table with metal dining bench and red patterned curtains

Can you add pattern to a small space and how?

You can definitely still fill a smaller space with pattern. For this, I would recommend smaller designs balanced with plain fabrics to ensure you don’t make the space appear smaller. Our Penthouse fabric collection is full of small-scale designs in neutral tones that will help create a serene smaller space that has personality too!

Pile of fabric cushions in silver, white and grey on a fabric chaise long
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