How to host the perfect dinner party

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The global pandemic, social distancing, and the extended lockdown restrictions have made for a difficult year for people all over the world. The challenges that we faced affected every aspect of our lives, from the way we work and shop, to how we interact with our friends, family, and others around us. Fortunately, however, it looks as though the pandemic is under control for the most part and the promise of effective vaccines have made people hopeful that we can get out and enjoy life again.

The UK lockdown restrictions have now eased and are expected to be lifted further before the start of summer. That means we can enjoy spending time with family and friends, even having them over for a post pandemic dinner party.

With that in mind, it might be a good time to brush up on your hosting skills and get your dining space ready to accept guests again. We’ve got some top tips to refresh your hosting skills to ensure you’re ready to host the perfect dinner party this summer.

Tips for hosting the perfect dinner party

‘Tablescaping’ Tips And Organisation – the first step in hosting the perfect dinner party this summer is to create a beautiful tablescape on your rustic dining table or reclaimed wood dining table. This can include seasonal flowers, dinnerware, and other décor that give your meal the perfect background. Think about layering plates and linens for some texture and throw in some candles for a relaxed atmosphere.

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Timed Cooking – the key to any successful meal is timing. With a plan and adequate organisation, the time spent in the kitchen can be enjoyable and simple – no mad rushes or forgotten elements! Some foods can be prepared the night before and have a sharp eye on the recipe for anything that may taste better if left to marinade. Some people find having a timed schedule visible in the kitchen and ingredients prepped and lined up in order easier to follow.

Keep Your Guests Happy– your guests have been stuck inside just as long as you have, and they are more than likely excited about being social again. But we’ve all been to a dinner party that’s had less than perfect talk. It’s the host’s job to keep conversation light and positive. There are now lots of conversation prompts, interesting questions and card games created for after dinner if you need a little extra steer to the bright side!

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