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How to get the rustic living room

How to get the rustic living room

Rustic Living Room Look

Rustic furniture has become one of the most popular styles for interior design. Once used solely for quaint country cottages, the rustic style has, in recent years, been given a modern makeover. Whilst it still celebrates fantastic craftsmanship, the reinvented rustic style is drop-dead gorgeous! With unbeatable warmth and character, we think the style is an absolutely perfect fit for living rooms. So with that in mind, here are a few of our favourite ways to achieve a gorgeous rustic living room.

When it comes to decorating, its easier to start with your biggest pieces of furniture. It's much harder to tie an entire room to a single throw cushion or your curtains (although it can, of course, be done!) than it is to tie your room to your furniture.

Barkby Brown Leather Armchair Sofa

With rustic style, texture is absolutely key! Perhaps think about your seating arrangement first. We love a brown leather sofa for a rustic living room, because it breaks up the fabric textures you'll probably add in later, and adds a sophisticated vintage twist to your room. Leather is also fantastically long-lasting. As it gets better and softer with age, you can easily achieve a classic, rustic feel in your living room which you'll love and enjoy for many years to come.

Kramer Moon Wool Armchairs

If you've got the space, we think a fabric armchair also makes a fantastic addition. Opt for a cool patterned fabric or coloured velvet for a slightly more eclectic finish which will also add a pop of colour. If you are opting for a strong colour scheme, a statement piece of furniture in a colour like blue or yellow will also help when it comes to anchoring your smaller accents to your furniture for a cohesive aesthetic.

Then, of course, comes furniture. There is something about rustic style which just calls for gorgeous wooden pieces. Whether that involved classic reclaimed wood furniture pieces or more modern industrial designs, wooden furniture is the way to go for a charming finish.

Rocoo Industrial Oak Coffee Table

A rustic coffee table at the centre of your seating arrangement is wonderful if you've got the space - even better if you can position it around a gorgeous open fireplace or wood burner for that chic, log cabin feel! Additionally, by opting for a coffee table with storage, you can keep your clutter out of sight and out of mind so you can sit in the evening and focus on your beautiful room and unwinding after a day of busy modern life.

A rustic TV stand or rustic wooden sideboard are also perfect for adding storage to your living room and will allow your cosy, rustic room to be enviably organised too!

Finally, think about ways in which you can inject some colour. For a neutral room, browns or greys are a fantastic way to go. Pair a brown rug with gold and bronze accessories for a simple yet sophisticated style that won't date. Or opt for something a little more fun. Soft colours like sage green, pale yellow or dusky pink all work wonders with reclaimed wood furniture whilst still being subtle enough to create the serene sitting room you've dreamt of.



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