How to get your hallway ready to welcome autumn

Line of muddy wellie boots

Bright hallway with wooden console table and mirror with dried flowers in vase

Autumn is coming and along with it come bulky coats, muddy wellies, wet shoes and dripping umbrellas, all these things will most likely enter your home via the hallway…..

Here we have put together a few ideas to help you organise your hallway and get ready for the wet and muddy onslaught. Umbrella’s at the ready….!

Boot storage

This really is the most important one – no one wants to open the front door and hop, step and jump over shoes strewn across the floor! Boots take up so much more space than little strappy summer shoes, sandals and flipflops. Even though summer shoes are small, they should definitely be put away during the winter months….. Not only to protect them from being crushed somewhere at the bottom of the shoe rack but also to make plenty of space…. don’t underestimate the amount of boots and shoes that will gather!

Large wooden shoe storage with 12 compartments

The Chedworth Large Wooden shoe storage, featured above, ticks all the boxes, not only does it look absolutely gorgeous in natural rustic wood, you get 12 individual compartments and on the top, you can pop your handbag down and have a dish to keep the house and car keys in… Hang a round wall mirror above it, add a vase of flowers and you have a stylish and organised hallway.

Coat hanging

This is also the time of year to tidy away those lightweight summer jackets and get the big coats out. If you don’t already have a coat rack then think about how many coats you will need to hang on it – make sure you get one that has enough space and is sturdy enough to hold them. There are so many ways to do this – hooks on the wall, a traditional style coat stand, a hidden cupboard under the stairs or an open rack.

White hallway with grey coat and hat hanging on hooks

Clear the clutter

Very important in the hallway! The first thing people see when they come to your door will be the hallway – it looks so much better if everything has its place. A narrow console table will help hide all the bits and bobs tidy – gloves, keys, coins, dog lead – anything you need to grab on your way out can all be housed in one – and of course, there is the added bonus of being able to stand something decorative on top for a really ‘finished’ hallway look.

Reclaimed wood console table with lamp and plants

Photo featuring: ´╗┐Chelwood Nordic Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Hallway seating

A seat is a great idea in the hallway. Boots take a bit more effort to get on than slip-on summer shoes – so it could be a good idea to add some seating. With wicker storage baskets the Rattan May hallway storage bench combines clever storage and practical bench seating or Clockhouse Hallway Wooden Bench, featured below, makes a stylish and practical addition.

Wooden bench with blue legs against wood panelled wall

Photo featuring: Clockhouse Hallway Wooden Bench

Easy clean flooring

It does make sense to have an easy clean area to take wet coats and shoes off – but once you are past that you can add a rug, this will give you an instant homely and warm feeling and is, of course, luxurious underfoot. You can use a floor rug to give your hallway an accent colour and then add coordinating welcoming accessories.

Close up of rustic front door with red rug on floor

Finishing touches

These are all the things you can do to give your hallway a stamp of character. Add or change your wall art, add a pot plant, add a wall or floor mirror or simply get a new doormat.

Welcome door mat with shoes