How to increase bedroom storage

Large reclaimed wood chest of drawers in bedroom with white four poster bed

Winter is coming so it is now about the time when we pack away our summer clothes and get the winter wardrobe out and ready. This is a great time to look at updating storage in the bedrooms in your home. Here we have a look at how you can add storage to different types of bedroom.

Clear out old clothes and toys

Now is the time to declutter the bedrooms. Donate clothes that you have not worn for a couple of summers to charity shops… otherwise they will just continue to build up year after year and you will be forever running out of storage space.

In kids’ bedrooms, it is worth sorting through the clothes and toys they have grown out of. If your child likes to cling on to toys then have a “not sure bag”…. Sort through their toys together and have three categories – a keep pile, a not sure bag and a donate bag. Hide the “not sure bag” away for a bit, just in case!, but they will most likely never ask for anything from it and you can get rid of a few items from there over time!


Child in blue jumper holding cardboard box of toys


Toddlers bedroom

You may already have toddler bedroom furniture but find you are running out of storage space as the toys begin to accumulate. A kids toy box is probably all you will need to add to increase hidden storage, something like the Fenshaw Mango Wood Storage Bench is perfect for this. Plenty of room inside and place this under a window and there is also a nice new spot to sit in.

Photo featuring: Fenshaw Mango Wood Storage Bench

School kids / student’s bedroom

Nowadays school kids and students do pretty much everything online so they probably don’t need too much storage space! However, as they get older they will want to spend a lot of time in their room alone, with friends, doing homework or sleeping! A reclaimed wood desk for studying will match many styles of furniture they have in their room already. A large chest of drawers to store clothes and other items in, as well as a wooden wardrobe will most likely suffice.

Bed with lots of cushions under sheer pink drapes

Master bedroom

The master bedroom should be calm and relaxing, a place to wind down after a busy day. Having clutter around will completely destroy any tranquil ambience. Once you have sorted through and donated your unused clothes to charity or a clothes bank you can reorganise storage in your bedroom. For most rooms a wooden wardrobe with coordinating wooden chest of drawers will be all you need.

Photo featuring: Onslow Reclaimed Wood Bed

Guest room

This is quite an easy room as long as it is only used for guests. Really all you need to go with a wooden double bed is a small wooden wardrobe with drawers and a dressing table with drawers that can double as a writing desk. If you don’t have space for this then a narrow chest of drawers may work and could also be used as a bedside table

Photo featuring: Luna Double Wardrobe