How to make a white bedroom cosy

White bedroom with bohemian hanging rope chair and collection of green plants on shelf

White always provides the best blank canvas to style your rooms against – but with white walls and ceiling, you risk the bedroom looking a bit cold and clinical – here, we look at how beautiful, reclaimed wood can add instant warmth and style to a white bedroom.

White bedroom with reclaimed wood bed, blanket box and side tables with grey faux fur throw on bedPhoto featuring: Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture Collection

We all now know how important a good night’s sleep is. A king size wooden bed frame, handcrafted from reclaimed wood is one of life’s little luxuries – invest in the best quality mattress you can afford and you should enjoy restful sleep for many years to come. The sturdy frame of the Beam Sweet Dreams bed looks amazing in a white room – the old beams used to craft it are functional and will be a stand-alone feature in your bedroom.

Reclaimed wood bed frame with white covers and grey wool blanket thrown over bedPhoto featuring: Beam Sweet Dreams Reclaimed Wood Bed

Different shades of white can add texture to the room – this way you can introduce shades that complement solid wood rustic furniture. You can do this using paints. Our friends at Earthborn Paints and Little Greene offer a vast range of environmentally friendly off-white paints in different finishes that you can use, safe in the knowledge that no one in your home is being exposed to nasty chemicals.

Grey bedroom with wooden bed and stool and at end of bed with white and grey covers

Adding a neutral colour will also complete a tranquil white bedroom – grey is a great colour – you can introduce different shades of grey and choose fabrics with different textures like faux fur throws, chunky knits and velvet scatter cushions. Place a reading lamp either side of the bed on a small bedside table to give the room a cosy and warming glow at bedtime. Even though your room is grey and white (generally cooler colours) you will be bringing in warmth by using reclaimed wood and warming textiles.

Contemporary bedroom with wooden palette boxes for shoe storage, black and white rug and green painted shutter screens behind bed

House plants are wonderful in the bedroom, purifying the air and releasing oxygen during the night. Studies have shown some scented plants like Jasmine and Lavender can help reduce stress levels and participants in the study enjoyed a better quality of sleep. Of course, they also look great and really tie-in with the natural element of reclaimed wood furniture – pop your plants in natural wicker baskets to keep to the natural and earthy theme. Adding houseplants to your bedroom also brings in another colour which you can use in your bedroom. Just a few pale green accents will bring the room together to create an aesthetically pleasing and healthy sleep space.

White painted reclaimed wood bed in white wood panelled bedroom with matching wooden blanket box and black spot lights on wall behind bedPhoto featuring: Worcester Reclaimed Wood Bed

If you have a small or slightly dark bedroom and feel that natural wood may look a bit dark you can opt for white painted bedroom furniture. The Worcester range is a perfect choice as it still has some parts left in natural reclaimed wood to bring in warmth and character. You can see how great the wood looks on the top of the white blanket box….. it adds a little more warmth and contrast (not to mention storage) when placed at the foot of the Worcester white wooden double bed.