How to make your bed like a pro

Reclaimed Wood Bed and Bedside

National Make Your Bed Day is celebrated annually on September 11th. And if you think this is yet another fad, think again. Research shows that making your bed every morning is critical.

It makes your bedroom more appealing – perfect for when you slump into bed after yet another busy day – it helps to keep your room tidy, and it is known that making your bed has an important psychological impact on your stress and mood levels.

But if you do nothing more than fling the covers back on the bed, you are missing a trick. And that means you need this guide on making your bed look delightfully sumptuous and luxurious.

Start with the Basics – The Bed Sheet

Picture of the Onslow Reclaimed Wood Bed

Picture, if you will, your bed and mattress in front of you with no sheets or duvets on it. This guide starts building from the mattress up.

Once you have protected your mattress with a good quality protector, you need the bed sheet. For ease, opt for a fitted sheet or if you want super luxury, opt for a flat sheet. However, the flat sheet will soon come undone if you don’t perfect the skill and art of ‘Hospital Corners’. Watch this minute long ‘How to’ clip and say hello to fantastic corners that never come undone.

Top Tip – the better-quality bed linen, the more comfortable a night sleep you will have and the better they will wash. Look for high-count cotton sheets and pillowcases to get the best.

The Duvet

For a super-sumptuous look, the bigger, the fluffier the duvet the better. Each morning, give it a quick ‘fluff’ by giving a shake or two, watching not to knock off your coveted bedside table lamps, books and so on!

Top Tip – in European countries, it is not uncommon to hang the duvet out of the window for a good airing for an hour or two. Great for keeping mould and creepy crawlies at bay, the air circulating through the fibres keeps the duvet light and fluffy.

Pillows – and Lots of them!

Bed and Cushions

You may only sleep with one pillow but that doesn’t stop you having several pillows piled stylishly at the top end of the bed.

Place the base pillows upright against the headboard and then the other pillows piled against it. Finish the bed with decorative cushions.

But Don’t Forget the Rest of the Room

The bedroom should be a haven of peace and tranquillity, which can be hard to carry off if it is full of clutter and ‘stuff’.

If bed side tables are not quite cutting it, then consider substituting a tall chest of drawers for extra storage space.

Table lamps help to add more light in a room, as well as being the softer lighting option for bed time reading.

Don’t forget, the small details help the reclaimed wood or solid wood furniture in the bedroom stand out, like the throws and the rugs. And keep walls plain so that fantastic canvas art stands out.

Choose accessories that support the main style of your room but always follow the colour rule: two main colours and a third accent.

Do you make your bed every morning?