How wood shelving can help your children keep their room clean

Toys on reclaimed wood pained shelf

Toys on reclaimed wood shelvingChildren’s Day is on June 1st this year, and with the occasion fast approaching it may be useful to consider ways to keep playrooms and bedrooms as tidy as possible when playtime comes to an end. The majority of parents will always expect some degree of upheaval, of course, but it’s good to know that a certain level of order can be restored when the toys and games are put away.

The key for many homes is to make the most of the space that’s available. Plenty of storage options need to be incorporated into such rooms, and the excellent Chedworth Wooden Shoe Storage Unit is a prime example of what you can achieve. Everything from bricks and balls to books and bears can hide away at night in the sumptuous Fenshaw Mango Wood Storage Bench, a perfect furniture asset.

Of course, high quality storage means more than finding space for toys. A wooden blanket box offers a chance to store all those necessities without having to search high and low for them at a later date. 


Make it fun for the kids to tidy up

Wooden toy box in child bedroom

Another great space-saver would be a tall chest of drawers, and to make it fun for the little ones you could encourage them to use each drawer for a different day of the week. Making tidying up more enjoyable is a must if the children are to be encouraged to get involved. Bringing in a few ‘rules’, such as rewarding good behaviour is always a good idea. If the child doesn’t get involved, it might be useful to put some items away and not allow them out again until after a small act of kindness has occurred.

The eye-catching Onslow Reclaimed Wooden Blanket Box is a welcome sight in any child’s bedroom, because it combines practicality with some much-needed attractiveness, and of course it can double up as a wooden toy box. Rustic furniture always adds a touch of elegance to any environment, even one that’s often festooned with toys and games!

Another superb option which offers more than just a piece of furniture is the Standford Industrial Wooden Coffee Table, an eye-catching item which can store toys on the bottom shelf and act as a play table on top. It’s a solid and dependable table which will offer robustness in even the most boisterous room. Sometimes a coffee table with shelf is more than just a coffee table with shelf.

The sophisticated Elton Oak Coffee Table is another option which features wooden shelving underneath for storage. In keeping with the need for saving space, the beautiful Winchester Rustic Wooden Tall Chest Of Drawers may just be perfect for your needs.