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How to measure for a TV stand

How to measure for a TV stand

Whether we intend it to be or not, the TV in any room becomes the point around which we gather. Since the advent of the digital age, programme choice has burgeoned, with our viewing no longer restricted by time either. With hundreds of channels to choose from, it’s no wonder that the ‘box in the corner’ is a staple in the home.

None of this means that we can’t or shouldn’t make the TV unit of which is stands elegant and stylish. We conducted a poll recently on Houzz asking about people’s preferred option when it comes to the TV unit – do you think the TV unit needs to be bigger than the TV itself or ‘just right’.

We Asked, You Answered

The favourite was clear – a TV unit that was larger than the television was the preferred option and we can see why. Like everything else in the room, the TV needs to be ‘framed’ so that the room is balanced and symmetrical. But how do you ensure the TV unit is not overly large and domineering?

Kingsbridge Reclaimed Oak Wood TV Unit

Time to measure

To get the right unit, whether that is a small TV stand or a large, rustic TV stand that complements your living room, you need to measure. Here’s how:

Step 1 – the space you have

Essentially, unless your chosen reclaimed wood TV stand fits into the space you have available, its addition will make the rest of the room and reclaimed wood furniture look disjointed.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet

If space is at a premium, there are solutions from wall-mounting the TV to a corner TV storage unit.

Step 2 – TV unit dimensions

You’ll need to double-check the dimensions of the TV unit but it is also worth paying extra attention to its styling, as well as what storage solutions it offers. A TV storage unit with shelving and drawers is ideal for hiding away cables and remotes, perfect for sitting alongside your reclaimed wood coffee table from the same collection.

Beam Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet

Step 3 – The TV itself

They come in a range of sizes, from the smallest at 32” (measured from corner to corner of the screen) to the ginormous 85”. Bear in mind that the bigger the TV, the more space you need between you and it to optimise picture quality.

If you want a TV unit to be longer than your TV, you’ll need to measure your flat screen TV. Measure in depth (how thick it is), as well as its height and width. Essentially, when matching the TV to the unit, you’ll need to decide how much bigger it needs to be whilst also fitting the space you have available.

The finished product

Styling the TV unit so that it complements the rest of the room is essential and that means it must be balanced.

Make sure the TV unit is not the biggest item in the room if you don’t want it to be the point to which the eye is automatically drawn. Disguise it by ensuring that the 3-seater sofa remains the largest item, framed by a reclaimed wood coffee table and side tables, with the reclaimed wood TV stand being the perfect proportions.

As a minimum allow a few extra inches either side of the TV so that it is framed in its position and people notice the beauty of the TV unit and not the television itself.

And finally, opt for a TV storage unit that has cut out sections to its backing so all those annoying cables and wires are hidden from few, maintaining the sleek appearance of the rustic styling living room.



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