How to mix rustic and modern furniture in your home

how to mix rustic and modern furniture in your home blog

We see the images on social media and in all the home magazines….beautiful rustic furniture and features mixed in with sleek modern furniture and wondered how do they get it so right? How do they know what goes well with what? What should the modern element be and what should be antique or rustic to get the blend just right? In this blog, we hope to answer some of these styling conundrums.

First, how do we define modern? By this term, we mean anything from about the 1950’s onwards whether it be an original piece of furniture in this style or an updated copy. The minimalist Scandi or the more popular scheme, Japandi look is a good example of what we mean by “modern”, the chic uncomplicated style of this furniture is perfect to mix with rustic and antique.

Rustic incorporates anything that has a natural worn look with rugged, neutral and earthy touches. Antique pieces and antique furniture can also be included.

industrial coffee table with modern grey sofa

Use natural wood

Reclaimed wood furniture is perfect for this look. An ultra-modern sofa or armchair with crisp modern lines looks great when pulled next to an industrial coffee table with the tabletop crafted in rustic reclaimed wood. The natural lines and undulations of the wood soften the sometimes slightly clinical look of modern furniture. You can lay reclaimed wood floorboards to stand your modern furniture on, again a lovely contrast of rustic and modern. In the hallway, go for a modern tiled floor with a rustic hallway bench seat – it will not only be a very useful addition but will change the look of the entrance to your home.

dark painted room with fireplace and dark brown leather chesterfield armchair

Use texture and colour to cosy up the room

Texture is another great way to help your rustic and modern elements look more cosy together. Use a rug to bring elements together in your room – the rug will also help to define zones – or add a deep cushioned upholstered armchair in front of a brick fireplace with a wooden mantel to soften an otherwise hard and cold surface. Another trick is to use modern on-trend colours with rustic features. Be bold and go for an all-dark interior by painting walls, coving and skirting boards in the same dark colour and add a rustic edward leather armchair – the look is dramatic and cosy, yet modern at the same time.

modern white kitchen with wooden bar stools

Use contrasts

Opposites do attract, so consider placing a striking modern table lamp on an antique or rustic bedside table. A reclaimed wood dining table with modern dining chairs – maybe choose a bold colour to provide contrast against the wood? Rustic bar stools can bring in different shapes and add interest into a minimalist straight-lined kitchen. Also consider contrasting finishes – glossy surfaces with wood rich in natural features are a great pairing.