What chairs to choose for your rustic dining table

reclaimed wood dining table with matching wooden bench and wooden dining chairs

You have your gorgeous new rustic dining table picked for your dining space, maybe you already have some chairs you want to use or maybe you’re looking for some new ones. Discover different options of dining chairs that pair beautifully with a rustic table.

reclaimed wooden chairs with padded seat

Wooden dining chairs

The Standford Industrial range marries together an industrial and rustic look beautifully. The reclaimed dining table from the collection is an industrial style table, so let’s look at chairs that match it. To soften the industrial look consider a set of wooden chairs. The Standford Wooden dining chair with an upholstered seat is crafted from reclaimed wood and will sit perfectly around a rustic dining table or industrial dining table. Alternatively, the Standford leather chair is another very popular choice. This classic seat design sat on solid industrial legs with the tan leather blending easily with many different styles of table, not just rustic. The Standford collection also includes a stylish faux leather dining chair perfect for if you are trying to achieve a sleek and slightly more modern look in your dining space.

grey faux leather dining chairs

Faux leather dining chairs

Faux leather dining chairs are so convincing these days. They look and feel just like real leather and are a great ‘wipe clean’ choice for a household with children…as well as being the animal friendly option. The Cleo faux leather dining room chairs are a perfect addition to a rustic table and will add contrast to your dining space by mixing rustic and modern. You can mix and match chair colours – we love how great grey and tan look together, the tan complementing the wood on your table and the grey adding contrast.

Dining benches

We all know that benches are “the thing” when it comes to dining room seating right now. They are right up to date and also bring the benefit of being able to get extra people around your table as well as bringing a casual mood to your dining space. There are so many different styles and coverings to choose from. A classic wooden dining bench can be easily mixed with other rustic or reclaimed wooden dining table and chairs, as can soft and plush velvet benches. A velvet bench for example is the perfect partner for our sophisticated Chelwood Large Reclaimed Wooden Dining Table┬ábringing a dash of bling to your dining seating.

The aforementioned Cleo range of dining room seating also features benches and corner benches, both with backs for super comfortable dining. If your dining space is in a corner then you can save space by pushing them up against the wall.

industrial dining table with grey faux leather corner dining bench