How to obtain an elegant monochromatic décor

Traditional Grey Sofa

Do you hanker after an elegant colour scheme to your home, making it feel and look like a space that is effortlessly chic?

Have you tried monochromatic décor? You may think it only means black and white but it can mean any colours, in fact, use sparingly and exclusively.

The definition of the word monochromatic leads to confusion as it means one colour but when it comes to décor, a monochromatic is one that uses two contrasting yet complementary colours to produce a finish that if chic, stylish and beautiful.

But how do you get this look right? Surely it’s impossible to go wrong? Or is it?

THINK luxury and simple

To get this chic finish, as well as choosing a colour palette that works well together, you need to think in terms of luxury and simplicity.

Traditional Grey Chesterfield Sofa

Take a look at a traditional black and white finish, and you will notice the clean-cut finish to the whole effect. For example, choose a classic, unfussy grey fabric sofa alongside a classically styled small armchair works well in a traditional black and white monochrome setting.

THINK in patterns

Monochrome décor appeals to people for many reasons but if you feel it looks a little flat and lifeless, give it a lift with pattern.

From patterned tiles in the bathroom or monochrome kitchen, for example, to pattern in the same colours for scatter cushions and window treatments, there are many ways of adding warmth and depth to the style.

THINK lush, green foliage

Another trick for adding an instant lift without stepping too far outside of this style scheme boundaries is to add colour with plants.

Broen Leather Sofa in Living Room

A cluster of lush, broadleaf plants, for example, of the hallway console table of the reclaimed wood coffee table in the living room adds a note of interest in the monochrome landscape.

THINK symmetry

The beauty of monochrome décor is that it can fit in any room and across the entirety of the home. And so in the dining room, a natural palette of monochrome sits well with both the oak dining table and upholstered dining chairs.

Wycombe Oak Extending Dining table

It’s an incredibly neat and tidy look too, probably why it is so popular and so maintain symmetry with everything well placed within invisible borders. Centre the artwork, use odd numbers of the same accessories such as plants or vases and contrast the textures of the smoothness of the oak dining table with the luxurious feel of upholstered dining chairs.

THINK warmth with wood

If you love the monochrome look but worry it will look too minimal and starkly modern, warm it with wood. Reclaimed wood furniture works well in most décor schemes, the monochrome look included. Mix it with modern materials, such as plastic bucket seats or let it warm the sharp coolness of the industrial style with monochrome décor.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Tables

THINK boldness

We achieve less in our comfort zone why break out of its confines and be bold. Go the whole hog and reach the dizzying height of monochrome success with whitewashed walls, black industrial furniture and reclaimed wood furniture as points of interest!