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How to pick the right fabric colour for dining chairs

How to pick the right fabric colour for dining chairs

Colour adds depth, drama, texture and - if you let it - stylish sassiness to a room. However, there is a clear issue in terms of longevity when it comes to how on-trend a colour stays, and for that reason alone, many of us are put off from choosing colourful fabric upholstered dining chairs. Can you get it right?

Reclaimed wood furniture is beautiful to work with, adding romance and uniqueness to any room, the dining room included. Alongside this romance, colour works exceptionally well. But colourful upholstered dining chairs doesn’t necessarily mean dark, dramatic colours, although they have their place.

Want darker hues, but frightened of taking the plunge?

Riley Purple Velvet Dining Chair

We hear you! The Riley purple velvet dining chair is stunning but if you feel this is too big a step in terms of colour in the dining room, why not make these statement velvet dining chairs? In other words, opt for neutral but complimenting neutral fabric colours with the remaining dining chairs making the Riley purple velvet dining chairs the standout statement.

Lighten the shade of your favourite colour

Florence Cream Fabric Dining Chair

Sometimes, opting for a lighter hue of your favourite colour is the way forward when you want to introduce colour but are erring on the conservative side. Again, using the ‘mix and match’ approach, tone down purple into light pink dining chairs, beautiful to sit alongside neutral colours such as cream dining chairs, white or even grey fabric dining chairs, but also stronger colours such as green.

Brook Grey Upholstered Dining Chair

Style walks hand in hand in with colour

The thing with using colour in statement furniture pieces such as dining chairs is to get the styling around them right. This way, you are not heading into battle with ‘on-trend colours and shades’ that could potentially date before you’ve moved onto your main course.

Reclaimed wood furniture is not just for the rustic style nor for the industrial style which continues to dominate interior design in 2019. Reclaimed wood is just as perfect for the farmhouse look as it is for the fusion of industrial and glamour.

When you have a strong stylistic landscape, coloured velvet dining chairs ‘fit’ right in. But there are occasions, we grant you, when the material is not quite practical enough. Velvet is a short pile cotton fabric that oozes sumptuousness and elegance – as do leather dining chairs but with a more practical element. Easy to keep clean and looking smart, colourful leather dining chairs pack a punch all of their own.

Allegro Brown Leather Dining Chair with Wooden Legs

There is no denying that paired with a reclaimed wood dining table, leather dining chairs are simply beautiful. From rube red leather to the elegance of brown leather dining chairs, material and colour combine to bring a style statement to the dining room. The Allegro brown leather dining chair with its ‘simple’ design is one of our most popular, unpretentious and yet so perfect for making an understated impact on the dining room.

Be bold – choose colour!

Choosing colour doesn’t have to mean vivid pink or bright yellow. Brown leather dining chairs make a statement, as do cream dining chairs and grey ones but if you want to add glamour, be bold and opt for pink, purple or green velvet dining chairs as long as they fuse the surrounding style, your dining room will come together is a designer dream.

Celine Green Velvet Dining Chair

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